Getting To Know Your Glitters: A Guide To Glitter Nails!

With party season fast approaching we’re going all in on glitter, the glitziest way to add seasonal sparkle to your mani. We’ve already showed you how to apply a gel glitter manicure, so let’s take a closer look at the dazzling world of glitter nails and find out about the various styles you can choose from.
Glitter nails come in a multitude of styles, so it’s a good idea to understand the differences that define each type of glitter polish before you decide which one to rock through the festive period. 
Want a mani with a seriously wavy wow factor? Look no further than holographic glitter nails. Holographic glitter transforms your mani into a magical, shimmering special effects show that looks spectacular under club lights.
Think of holographic glitter as a way enhance the base colour of your choice. Once you’ve applied a complementary base colour, apply a thin layer of your holographic coat and move the specks around with an orange stick until you have an even finish.
If you’d rather use holographic glitter polish as a standalone, you’ll need to apply two coats to achieve medium coverage.

Jelly Glitter

Jelly glitter nails add a dash of glitz to the ever-popular jelly nail look. What are jelly nails? Think transparent colours that make your nails look like, you guessed it, jelly (although we think jelly nails actually look more like boiled sweets). Because they’re transparent, jelly nails look amazing when light shines through them – kinda like stained glass.
Our jelly glitter polishes enhance the jelly look with the addition of shimmery glitter specks. For a light, transparent finish, wear a single layer over a base coat or apply an additional coat for a layered jelly look. 


Chunky Glitter

Get maximum bling for your buck with a chunky glitter polish. Often available in blingy metallic shades, chunky glitter is composed of large glistening specks and doesn’t usually require a base coat.
Our collection of chunky glitter gel polishes are thick and glossy enough to offer great coverage with relatively little effort. Make sure you apply the first coat as evenly as possible, then fill in any gaps with a second coat using an orange stick to control the spread. 


Confetti Glitter

Want to get the glitter look the easy way? Glitter polish can be a bit fiddly to apply, especially if you don’t have a steady hand. Luckily, our confetti glitter polish is easier to apply, allowing you to achieve eye catching manis quickly and easily.
We offer two confetti glitter gel polishes – Funfair, a light and pretty polka dot look, and Cabaret, a rich red glitter polish that evokes theatrical red velvet. Both gels can be worn with or without a solid base colour, giving you the flexibility to create a light transparent effect or embellish a complementary base colour of your choice. 


Fine Glitter

Fine glitter polish is composed of lots of tiny glitter speck blended evenly into the polish, which means it’s relatively easy to achieve a pleasingly even sparkle and shimmer effect, without having to push the specks around with an orange stick. In fact, you can apply fine glitter gel polish in exactly the same way you would apply a normal gel polish shade. 
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