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Give Your Nails Some Love With These 5 Sweet Valentine's Day Nails!

Love is in the air, and on your nails! Valentine's Day is fast approaching and with it comes the perfect opportunity to give yourself some extra love.

We love Valentine's Day for all the sweet gestures of love and thoughtfulness. But who says you have to wait around for others to show you the love? 

In fact, we think this year should be all about treating yourself, and what better way to do that than with a little nail art?

Valentine's Day gives us the perfect opportunity to get creative with our nails and have fun with some of our favourite nail coloursred, pink and white. There's nothing better than a polished manicure to make you feel good, so why not plan ahead and give yourself the perfect Valentine's Day nail look?

We've been putting together our best Valentine's Day nail designs, and here are our top 5 super-sweet nail art ideas that you can do at home.

Simple Red Heart Nail Art

We're keeping things simple with these Valentine's Day nails. It's a classic design that's easy to achieve and looks super cute.

For this nail art, you will need:

Start off with your usual nail prep, and use the Mylee Magic Extender Gel in Dusky Rose. Use the Slip Solution and Dual Ended Tool to put it into place before curing. 

Then go in with a layer of sheer glitter gel polish. Snow Flakes or A Pinch Of Salt would be perfect for this. 

Finally, using the Mylee Gel Polish in Requiem For A Pink and a dotting tool and nail art brush, create a simple mini heart design on your nails with a steady hand. You can choose to do this on all of your nails, or go for a more minimalistic look and go for accent nails.

Once you have finished your design, finish with a layer of Matte No Wipe Top Coat and cure.

These are some of the best Valentine's Day nails if you want to keep things simple, sweet and elegant.

Yin & Yang Pink and Red Nails

A combination of red and pink nails, these fun Yin and Yang Valentine's Day nails are perfect for those of us who like to make a statement!

For this nail art, you will need:

As always, prep your nails so that they are ready for the gel polish.

Start by applying a layer of Base Coat and cure under a UV or LED curing lamp.

This part requires a steady hand, so take your time! Dip your nail art brush into your French CanCan polish, and draw a wavy line down the centre of your nail – like the centre of the Yin and Yang symbol.

Fill in one half of your nail with the French CanCan gel polish, and then do the same for the other half of your nail with Candy Girl

Then, draw tiny hearts on either side of the wavy line, in the same way that a Yin and Yang symbol looks.

Finally, brush on a layer of Top Coat and cure.

These Valentine's Day nails are perfect for those who want something cute but with a twist.

Cute Heart Nail Confetti

These pale pink Vaentine's Day nails are super-sweet and perfect for those of us who like to keep things subtle. The tiny pieces of heart nail confetti add a cute touch and make for some really special Valentine's Day nails.

For this nail art, you will need:

Once you have prepped your nails, apply a layer of Base Coat and cure. Then, take your Flamingo Wings polish and paint your thumb, index finger and little finger. Use Got The Feels on your middle and ring fingers. 

We recommend painting two or three layers here to really make the colour pop! And, of course, cure in between each layer you do paint.

On your middle and ring finger, take your nail art brush and dip it into your Break The Ice polish. Paint a french manicure tip on each nail.

Apply a coat of Top Coat to your nails and cure under your lamp.

Then, using your dotting tool, pick up a tiny heart from your All That Glitters in Fetching, and place one onto your ring finger nail and a second on your middle finger nail. You can use our Builder Gel to attach them to your nails.

Encapsulate the nail confetti with another layer of Top Coat and cure.

These cute Valentine's Day nails are really easy to do and perfect for those who want something subtle yet special.

Beautiful Blue Hearts


If you're looking for a Valentine's Day nail idea that doesn't involve pink, these beautiful blue heart nails are just perfect! The blue nail colour really pops and the simple hearts add a touch of romance.

For this nail art, you will need:

After prepping your nails, start by applying a layer of Base Coat and cure under your UV or LED curing lamp.

Then, take your The Real Teal polish and paint your thumb and first two fingernails – building up opacity by painting multiple layers.

On your remaining two nails, use your nail art brush to paint heart nail art using the same The Real Teal polish. Don't worry if your hearts aren't perfectly symmetrical – that's totally okay!

Once you have painted The Real Teal polish on all your nails, apply a layer of Top Coat and cure.

To finish off, clean off your nail art brush and dip it into your Bauble polish. Use this blue glitter polish to outline the hearts on your two nails. You can also paint some dainty little hearts on your other nails, too!

Apply one final layer of Top Coat and cure.

This beautiful blue Valentine's Day nail art is perfect for anyone who loves a bit of a twist on the usual pink and red.

Bright Lips Kiss Nails

We are big fans of nude nails with bright pops of color here at Mylee, and this hot pink kiss design is perfect for Valentine's Day! It's subtle enough to wear all year round, but the hot pink will give you a look that screams 'Valentine's love'.

If you're someone who likes their nails long and pretty, then this nail art is definitely for you!

For this nail art, you will need: (ELLIE _ PIPING HOT & LIGHT PINK BUILDER GEL 

Once your nails are prepped and ready for polish, you'll want to start off these pink Valentine's Day nails by sculpting the perfect nail length with our Builder Gel. Attach the Paper Nail Forms to the ends of your nails, and use Builder Gel in the shade Light Pink to sculpt out the length of your nails.

You can check out our blog post What is Builder Gel? for the best way to use Builder Gel to extend your nails!

Once your nail extensions are at your desired shape and length, take your nail art brush and dip it into Piping Hot. Create lip shapes on each nail and fill in with the polish. Use light long strokes to accent the cupids bow. 

Apply a layer of Top Coat to seal in your design and cure under your lamp.

These Valentine's Day nails are truly perfect for those who want something lip smacking for the special day.

Feel the Love with these Valentine's Gel Nails!

We love expressing ourselves through our nail art, and these Valentine's Day inspired designs are just perfect for doing so! From vibrant pinks, to romantic reds, you can show off your love for all things Valentine's with these gorgeous gel nails.

You can check out our Valentine's Day collection for all the polishes you need for these looks and more here!


+ What colours are best for Valentines Day nails?

Classic Valentine's Day nails use red, pink and white colours. But we think you can experiment with any colour combination you love!

+ What types of nails are best for Valentines Day?

You can rock any nail shape or length on Valentine's Day! You can use our Builder Gel to extend your nails if you'd like a longer look.

+ What type of nail art is suitable for Valentine’s Day?

Heart nail art is the perfect match for Valentine's Day! Pink hearts, red hearts, or any other combination is a great way to show your love.

+ How can I make sure my Valentine's Day nails last?

Always make sure to use a Base Coat and Top Coat when creating your Valentine's Day nails. Our curing lamps will help to set your gel polish and make sure it lasts. Be careful not to bump your nails or pick at any chips, as this could damage your manicure.

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