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Stripless Waxing

If you're looking for a quick and easy solution to home waxing, look no further than Mylee Stripless Wax with Flexismooth technology which means that even the shortest of hairs can be removed with ease - plus, it's gentle on the skin, so you won't be left with any redness or irritation.

Our stripless wax, which can be used on all body areas, provides a much quicker and pain-free experience. Purifying and calming, Mylee Stripless Wax offers a firm grip on even the shortest, hard-to-reach hairs.

Mylee have you covered from start to finish, too, because we offer a range of tools and equipment to make sure at-home waxing is as easy as possible. From our Wax Heaters to our Applicator Pens - we've got everything you need to get the perfect wax every time.

What's more - we also carry a range of aftercare products to soothe and protect the skin post and pre-wax. From our Pre Care Gel that cleanses the area to our Aftercare Lotion that calms and hydrates your skin, waxing should not be a stressful experience!

So, if you're looking for a pain-free home waxing solution - look no further than Mylee!


Stripless wax can be used on all body areas and is ideal for removing short, hard-to-reach hairs.

Stripless wax works by gripping onto the hair and pulling it out from the root.

Yes, our stripless wax is designed to be gentle on the skin and can be used on all skin types -  even sensitive skin.

To carry out a stripless wax, you will need a wax heater, stripless wax and a spatula. Mylee also offers a range of aftercare products to soothe and protect the skin both post and pre-wax.

Stripless wax can last up to 4 weeks. However, everyone's hair growth cycles are different, so it's important to re-wax when you start to see regrowth.



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