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Home Waxing Kits With Salon Results

If you’re looking for an at-home waxing kit that offers salon-quality results, you’re in the right place! 

Mylee offers a range of waxing kits that are perfect for anyone wanting to achieve professional-looking results from the comfort of their own home. 

The kits include everything you need to get started, including easy-to-follow instructions that guide you to achieve silky smooth results with minimal fuss. 

So whether you’re new to waxing or want to cut the expensive salon bills, Mylee has the perfect kit for you. From stripless wax to spatulas, cleansing gels, aftercare lotions and the  beloved Mylee Wax Heater, we have you all set for the smoothest experience.

It doesn’t end with wax kits. 

We’ve also put together a series of how-to video guides so you can be confident that a home waxing kit will make your skin feel superiorly smooth every single time. 

An Introduction To Home Waxing Kits 

Of course, hair removal is a personal choice.

Amongst those who do like to go hair-free however, dealing with shaving on a daily basis can be frustrating, as can the pain, cost or embarrassment of other methods like  plucking, depilatory creams, laser hair removal and electrolysis.

So whether you’re a waxing newbie or a seasoned pro, home waxing can be a fuss-free and money-saving decision.  

Waxing at home is just as effective as in the salon, provided you know what you’re doing and have professional-quality equipment. 

The Benefits Of Home Waxing Kits 

There are many benefits to waxing at home.

Trips to the salon can be costly and time-consuming, so getting to grips with waxing is the perfect solution. You also may feel far more comfortable home waxing in a more private environment than a salon.

Some of the further benefits of home waxing kits include: 

  • Cheaper than salon waxing 
  • Includes all the products you could need 
  • Fits your waxing needs around your schedule
  • Long lasting results
  • Hair not growing back as thick
  • Fewer ingrown hairs
  • Minimises shaving rashes
  • Less regrowth
  • An opportunity for pampering and ‘me’ time!

Mylee Home Waxing Kit Range 

Mylee offer a wide range of at-home waxing kits to suit all waxers and waxing concerns.  

Mylee Hard Wax Kit

The Mylee Hard Wax Kit comes in two scents; coconut and arnica, as well as charcoal and green tea. It’s a stripless waxing kit that makes the waxing process quick and easy no matter where on the body you’re using it.

Hard wax is super flexible so is great for contoured areas such as your underarms or bikini area. The kit includes all the products and equipment you need to become a home waxing pro.  

The wax heater included is suitable for all wax types;hard, soft, beaded or crème.

The kit also comes with a bottle of Mylee Pre-Care Gel that thoroughly and gently cleanses the skin of all oil, lotions or makeup, ensuring a beautiful waxing result.

Our Aftercare Lotion should be applied after the waxing process to soothe and hydrate the skin.  

Mylee Glow Up Kit 

The Mylee Glow Up Kit gives you everything you need for a complete beauty transformation at home.

This kit includes all the products, tools and equipment you need to do at-home waxing, gel nail polish, as well as eyelash and brow tinting.

This kit is a great way to revamp your look or save money on your favourite salon beauty treatments.  

Mylee Soft/Creme Wax Kit

The Mylee Soft/Creme Wax Kit uses paper strip waxing to create flawlessly smooth legs. It comes in three delectable options : Soft Honey, Rose Crème and Tea Tree.  

Hard wax, which is stripless, is usually best for smaller and more delicate areas like the face or bikini line. Soft wax, which uses strips, is best for larger areas like the legs and arms. 

How To Use A Home Waxing Kit 

It’s essential to use your home waxing kit correctly to get the best results. It can take time to get the technique right, so the more you practice, the better you'll become.

Different kits have varying steps, so you should familiarise yourself with the specific instructions of your kit. In general, these are the steps to follow when waxing at home.  

  1. Place the wax into the heater until fully melted. Spread a small amount of wax on the inside of your wrist to check the temperature is just right. The wax should be warm but not hot or uncomfortable to the touch.  
  2. Prep the area you’ll be waxing using the Mylee Pre Care Gel, which cleans and hydrates the skin.  
  3. Use one of the spatulas to spread the melted wax onto the desired area, following the direction of the hair growth.  
  4. If using stripless wax, wait for the wax to cool and harden before pulling it off in one firm motion against the direction of hair growth. If using strip wax, place the strip firmly on top of the wax before pulling it off against the direction of hair growth.  
  5. Repeat step 4 until all of the hair in the desired area is removed.  
  6. Massage some of the Mylee After Care Lotion onto the area to soothe, hydrate and cleanse. 

The technique for pulling off the wax or wax strip is one of the most critical elements of doing a good job with waxing.

This can be tricky to get the hang of at first, but rest assured, over time it will improve and get easier.  

Before And After Home Waxing 

Taking care of your skin, before and after waxing, is crucial. Proper care can prevent common waxing issues like ingrown hairs, redness and sensitive skin. 

Before waxing, you should trim the hair if necessary. You should then exfoliate the area one or  two days before you wax. Finally, just before waxing, you should thoroughly wash and dry the area.  

After waxing, you should clean away any wax residue on the waxing area and apply your Mylee After Care Lotion. This will soothe the area and prevent redness, bumps or ingrown hairs.

You can then exfoliate the area the day after waxing. 

5 Waxing Myths Debunked! 

There are a lot of myths around waxing and hair removal in general. Waxing is a safe and effective way to remove hair and banish it for weeks.

If you’re still worried about waxing, here are some of the common myths debunked!

Waxing Causes Wrinkles 

There is a common myth that waxing pulls the skin, resulting in lowered elasticity which causes wrinkles.

A proper waxing technique means that the skin should not be pulled in any significant way. It should have no impact on wrinkles..  

Waxing Always Hurts 

It’s undeniable that waxing can be painful, particularly when you start. It will not, however, always be as painful as the first few times you wax.

Your pain threshold will also have an impact on how painful you find it, as will the technique used. The best way to enjoy pain-free experience is to wax regularly – every four weeks is ideal.  

You Shouldn’t Wax While Pregnant 

There is no reason to believe that waxing whilst pregnant could be harmful to yourself or your baby.

The only difference you might see is that the hormones caused by pregnancy can make you more sensitive, which may make the waxing experience more painful.  

Waxing Makes Hair Grow Back Thicker 

In fact, the opposite of this myth is true. The more you wax, the thinner and finer your hairs become because of the disruption that waxing can do to the hair follicle.  

Ingrown Hairs Only Affect People With Curly Hair 

Ingrown hairs affect people with all hair types. Ingrown hairs can be prevented and treated using gentle exfoliators at least 24 hours before or after waxing.

If you’re worried about an ingrown hair that is painful or in a cyst-like bump, you should always consult your doctor.  


Which wax is best for home use? 

All waxes can be used effectively at home, and the best wax will depend on the area. Typically, soft wax is best for larger areas like the legs, whilst hard wax is best for delicate, small areas like the upper lip and bikini line.  

Which is the best wax for beginners? 

All wax types can be used by beginners, but hard wax is probably your best option if you’re looking for the easiest application and removal.

Since hard wax doesn’t require strips, this can be a lot easier to apply and remove. That being said, it is always best to choose the wax that is most suited to the area you’re waxing.  

Can you Brazilian wax yourself at home? 

You can absolutely give yourself a Brazilian wax at home with the right products, equipment and preparation.

Mylee Advanced Stripless Wax comes highly recommended for a Brazilian wax due to its flexibility, making it a great wax for your bikini area., as it is better suited to thicker, coarse hair.  

The main challenge of an at-home Brazilian wax is seeing and reaching all the areas you need to wax.

You may need to change positions as you go to access all areas, and using a freestanding mirror can help you see the whole area.  

Does waxing reduce hair growth? 

Waxing does not necessarily change the thickness, colour or rate of hair growth, but if done consistently, it can reduce the volume of hair present.

Is it better to shave or wax? 

Shaving vs waxing is an age old debate. Waxing lasts longer than shaving, but it is also more painful, so you will need to decide what matters most to you.  

Waxing will also give you a much smoother finish, as the hairs are pulled out from the follicle, unlike shaving, which removes the hair above the follicle. What is important is that you make the right choice for you. 

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