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Home Waxing With Flexismooth® Technology & Mylee

Okay, ‘Flexismooth Technology’, it sounds techy, we get it. It’s not a new Apple update or the latest brainchild of Elon Musk, it’s actually a bit of a game changer in the world of at-home waxing. 

For too long people have suffered with the pain of waxing strips that don’t quite hit the spot. The random patches of hair that couldn’t be reached, the bumpy aftermath…

Collectively, we’ve all had enough of this. It was about time someone thought of an alternative. Enter Mylee’s Advanced Professional Stripless Wax with *drumroll please* Flexismooth Technology. 

But what actually is it? 

In a nutshell, Flexismooth Technology is an ultra flexible at-home wax that can cling to even the shortest of hairs (even on the most intimate areas). But we’re about to get into all of that.

How Does Flexismooth® Technology Work?

This is a real game changer in at-home waxing. Flexismooth Technology has been designed to seamlessly bend around the natural curves of your body, covering even the smallest, most hard to reach areas and gripping hairs as short as 2mm in the process. The special formula means that the hardened wax won’t break and can be pulled from any direction. 

This flexibility is really what sets it apart from ordinary at-home waxing products, and means that no area need be missed when doing your waxing at home, by yourself.

Which Home Waxing Products Have Flexismooth® Technology?

There’s only one No1.

Mylee’s new baby, the Advanced Professional Stripless Wax, is the first ever at-home waxing product to feature game-changing Flexismooth technology. 

There are many different methods of waxing available, from strips and soft wax, like Mylee’s Wax Lyrical Trio, to hard wax, such as Mylee’s Professional Stripless Wax, there’s also sugar wax, fruit wax and even chocolate wax! Whilst they all essentially do the same job of removing hair, each home waxing product has its own virtue and vice. 

For instance, soft wax is really popular for home waxing and works well for larger areas like legs and arms, however it hasn’t got amazing flexibility so isn’t as effective on more intimate areas. It also requires strips to be stuck over the wax to pull it off, which is perfect for larger areas, but makes it a bit more tricky in more intimate places.

Advanced Professional Stripless Wax is unique in that the Flexismooth technology moulds to your body shape, making it possible to reach even the most intimate areas with ease. 

The absolute cherry on top is that this special formula also provides the ultimate in at-home waxing comfort through an infusion of argan oil that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Top 3 Mylee Home Waxing Kits

Mylee Complete Professional Waxing Kit - Coconut & Arnica

  • Infused with soothing coconut and arnica
  • Quick and easy
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

The Complete Professional Waxing Kit has everything you need to prepare the skin and remove any unwanted hairs. Infused with soothing coconut and arnica, this stripless wax is perfect for smaller areas like the armpits. Just make sure to freshen up first or else the wax won't stick.

This kit features a professional wax heater, wax beads, disposable wooden waxing spatulas, pre care gel, after care lotion & equipment cleaner.

Mylee The Big Smoothie Trio

  • Thoroughly cleanses and preps your skin
  • Calms, hydrates and softens post-wax
  • Removes wax quickly and easily

Every great waxing treatment requires the perfect prep, excellent aftercare and immaculate equipment. This trio has your back. And your leg. And your underarm.

The Pre Care Gel thoroughly cleanses the area you’re preparing to wax, whilst the aloe vera enriched After Care Lotion calms, hydrates and softens the skin. Once you’re finished, Mylee’s Equipment Cleaner quickly and easily removes wax from your heater and sanitises work surfaces.

Mylee Complete Waxing Kit - Tea Tree Wax

  • Soothing tea tree infused wax
  • Comes with Wax Heater
  • For professional and home use

This kit has everything you need for a fuss-free wax. It features soft tea tree infused wax which is ideal for larger areas like the legs and arms. Tea tree also has soothing, antibacterial properties that make the process just a little smoother and helps to avoid any bumps afterwards.

This kit contains a professional wax heater, soft wax pot, disposable wooden waxing spatulas, paper strips, pre care gel, after care lotion and equipment cleaner.

Is Flexismooth® Technology Better Than Normal Wax?

Yes, yes and yes.

Mylee’s Advanced Professional Stripless Wax with its Flexismooth technology, is the perfect all-rounder for home waxing 

Unlike most regular at-home waxes, this newly developed formula grips onto even the shortest of hairs, and doesn’t break off when pulled. As opposed to normal waxes, it also allows you to use a calming oil beforehand to protect the skin, like our 2-in-1 Pre and Post Hair Removal Oil. 

This makes for a far less painful waxing experience and reduces the likelihood of redness or bumps. Once melted into its lustrous golden liquid, it also releases a delicate jasmine scent that provides an unrivalled ‘fresh from the spa’ feeling.

Mylee’s Advanced Professional Stripless Wax therefore helps you to avoid the usual pitfalls of at-home waxing like; 

  • brittle wax that breaks off during ‘the moment of truth’
  • manoeuvring yourself into an awkward position only for the wax not to grip your hair properly (resulting in a painful tweezing session to remove strays)
  • burning through an entire box of strips in one sitting
  • the potential for ingrown hairs and redness
  • the additional and unnecessary pain

Does Flexismooth® Technology Work For A Bikini Wax?


Obviously, some areas are more sensitive than others, which is why extra special care is needed when removing hair. Repeatedly going over the same intimate areas with waxing strips that don’t grip  your hair fully, is only going to cause unnecessary pain and damage. 

Mylee’s Advanced Professional Stripless Wax, with its Flexismooth technology, has been developed with this at the very forefront of the mind. Flexibly reaching even the smallest and most intimate areas of the body, it can be pulled from any direction (ideal for if you find yourself in an acrobatic position in order to reach said places).

Unlike normal at-home waxes, the fact that you can also use a calming oil before to protect more sensitive areas, also reduces the pain and likelihood of redness or bumps. The additional bonus is that it’s also infused with softening argan oil for a silky smooth finish.

Does Wax With Flexismooth® Technology Take Longer To Melt?

Nope, Mylee’s Advanced Professional Stripless Wax with Flexismooth technology takes the same amount of time to melt as ordinary hard wax!

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