+ Are your products cruelty free?

Yes, all of our products are cruelty-free. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals and we do not retail in any country that requires animal testing.
The whole mylee range has been certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA). Read more about this in our Blog section.

+ Do you use parabens in your products?

No way! You won’t find parabens in our gels.

+ The nails are still sticky after curing under the lamp…

That’s fine - they are supposed to be tacky after every coat to stick the layers together, the wiping with cleanser after the final coat will remove the stickiness.

+ How many layers do I need for best coverage?

We recommend applying thin coats for all colours. Some colours will require 2 coats, others will need 3. It will depend on the pigments and the coverage you are wanting to achieve as to how many coats you apply.

+ Can I apply MYGEL™ while I’m outside?

No. You cannot use MYGEL™ outside as exposure to sunlight will make the gel polish starts to set. You need to apply it indoors. For the same reason, don’t apply right next to an open window.

+ How long will it take for my MYGEL to soak off?

The top shiny layer wasn’t buffed enough before you started soaking your nails. You need to buff your nails well for the Mylee wipes to penetrate the Gel Polish and dissolve it. There was a slightly thicker layer of Gel Polish on your nails than normal, so it takes longer to soak off. If any remaining polish feels very ‘stuck’ wrap or soak for a further 5 minutes and try again.

+ Does MYGEL work with Builder Gel?

Yes, MYGEL does work with a builder gel.

+ Can I build up nails using the base coat?

No, the base coat is only to be applied as one coat. Builder gel and base coat are two very different products.

+ Can I safely wear MYGEL while pregnant?

The answer is yes; you can safely wear an artificial nail coating including those that extend the length of the natural nail! The nail plate is inherently difficult to penetrate and MYGEL coating hardens within minutes, eliminating the chance for penetration beyond the top layers of the nail plate.

+ Can I use another brand’s base and top coat with MYGEL?

We believe MYGEL products may be compatible with other brands’ products however, we cannot guarantee the results.

+ Can I use another brand’s lamp with MYGEL?

We believe MYGEL products may be compatible with other brands’ products however, we cannot guarantee the results.


+ How do I apply MYGEL…

1. Wash and dry your hands (do not apply any hand creams or oils).
2. Use the cuticle pusher to gently push back cuticles and remove any dead or excess skin if necessary
3. Use a nail file to shape the free edge of your nails.
4. Remove the shine from the nail plate with a buffing block.
5. Cleanse the nails with a lint-free wipe soaked in Mylee Prep & Wipe to remove any oil and residue on the nails.
6. Apply MYGEL Base Coat and cure nails for 30 - 60 seconds using Mylee Pro LED Lamp or 120 seconds when using the UV Lamp. Also, as a tip (and to prevent allergic reaction), make sure you remove any gel which could be touching your skin before curing.
7. Apply one coat of the MYGEL colour and cure nails for 30 - 60 seconds using the LED Lamp or 120 seconds with a UV Lamp.
8. Repeat to build colour.
9. Apply MYGEL Top Coat and cure nails for 30 - 60 seconds with the LED Lamp or 120 seconds with the UV Lamp.
10. If you have used the regular Top coat, remove the sticky layer by wiping the nails with a lint free wipe soaked in Mylee Prep & Wipe. If you have used the No Wipe Top Coat, there will be no residue after curing so there is no need to wipe.
11. Apply Mylee Nail & Cuticle oil on the nails and cuticles to keep them nourished and hydrated.

+ How do I remove MYGEL…

1. Buff the surface of the nails with a nail file to remove the shine of the top coat. This must be done firmly as the surface must be opened up to allow you to penetrate the UV lacquer, but be careful not to damage the nail.
2. Soak a cotton pad with Mylee Gel Remover and place onto the nail plate, securing with a foil wrap.
3. After 10 minutes, firmly pull pads off the nails, making sure you gently push away any loose product with cuticle pusher or orange stick.
4. If there is product remaining on the nail, re-buff and re-wrap the nail.
5. Once all the product is removed, file and shape the free edge using a nail file then buff the nail to a shine.

+ Should I shake the bottle of Gel Polish before I use it?

Yes. Shaking the bottle helps to thin the viscosity of the gel polish, making it easier to apply and helping to spread the polish evenly.

+ My nails are still sticky after curing under the lamp...

That’s fine - they are supposed to be tacky after every coat to stick the layers together, the wiping with cleanser after the final coat will remove the stickiness.

+ Some colour comes off on the lint free wipe when I wipe with cleanser...

This is normal as the colour forms part of the moisture layer that comes out of the polish when it is cured.
You will probably find this happens more with darker colours, but it will not remove all the polish from your nails.


+ What’s the difference between LED and UV lamps?

LED lamps use technology that’s similar but more efficient to UV lamps.

LED nail curing lamps set Gel Polish in under half the time of UV lamps. They don’t generate heat or emit UVAs or UVBs, and you don’t need to replace the bulbs like you do with UV lamps.

We recommend any of the Mylee lamps LED &/or UV. The mylee Pro Lamp is a good value, high spec LED lamp.

+ Is it OK to look into the LED lamp when it’s on?

You should never look directly into any light as it could damage your eyes.


+ Will MYGEL harm my nails?

No. You can damage your nails only through misuse of tools or not following protocols. For example, by buffing your nails too hard, either before you apply the Gel Polish or on removal can cause damage to the nail. Picking off the gel to remove rather than going through the removal protocol, will damage the nail plate.


+ The nails are still sticky after curing under the lamp…

That’s fine - they are supposed to be tacky after every coat to stick the layers together, the wiping with cleanser after the final coat will remove the stickiness.

+ The gel is bubbling on my nail…

It’s all in the preparation and more than probably oil is left on the nail. Ensure that your nails are oil and moisture free before applying the base coat.

+ My gel nails are not curing...

Don’t worry, you’re probably not curing for long enough. Our recommendation is to cure between 30 to 60 seconds under an LED lamp or 2 minutes under a UV lamp. (Top tip - you can never over cure).

This curing time is based on using one of the Mylee UV and LED lamps and might differ with other lamps and the thickness of the gel layers applied.

It’s important to apply very thin and even coats. Thick coats need to be cured longer.

+ Do I need everything from the gel kits…

The kits are put together based on everything you will need when using gels, whilst giving you good value. There shouldn’t be anything in the kits that’s not needed.

+ What should I do if my gel brush hardens?

If you soak your brush in Mylee Gel Nail Polish Remover, this will get rid of the hardened gel.

+ Why is the polish colour in the bottle not exactly the same as the colour on the box/website image?

As MYGEL is light cured, we cannot put it in a clear bottle. Every effort is made to ensure that all our product imagery is as accurate as possible. Due to colour/resolution settings on screen and printing, the colours can differ slightly from the physical product.


+ What’s the difference between strip-less wax and cream wax?

Stripless wax, as its name suggests, doesn’t require using paper waxing strips. Stripless wax is a new generation wax formula where you simply spread the melted wax onto the target area, allow to cool down and pull it with a firm move.

Cream wax is the traditional way for hair removal, requiring paper or fabric strips to grab and remove hair.

+ When do I use paper strips for waxing…

You would use paper strips with cream wax.

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