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Our 10 Favourite Natural Nail Colours for the Trending Clean-Girl Look

Written by: Ellie Simmons



Time to read 8 min

As much as we love a bright and colourful mani, natural nail colours hold a special place in our hearts. There's something about a 'barely there' nail look that exudes effortless chic and gives off those clean-girl vibes.

A lot of our favourite influencers and celebs have also been spotted embracing the natural nail look, too, much like Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nails or Sophia Tuxford's minimalistic nails. A polished, yet understated nail colour is definitely having a moment right now, and we're all for it.

There are also plenty of nude colour nail shades to go at, especially if you're taking your pick from our nude gel polish range (we have the largest collection of nude polishes, just saying!).

You can match your polish to your skin tone, choose a shade or two lighter to elevate your natural nail colour, or opt for a darker nude for a contrasting look.

But what are the best natural nail colours to try? We've rounded up our 10 favourites to help you achieve the perfect low-key nail look.

What is the Clean-Girl Aesthetic Trend?

Clean girl aesthetic is about embracing a simplistic and minimalistic approach to beauty and life. It's all about natural beauty, glowing skin, and effortless style.

Natural nails, with their neutral and understated look, perfectly complement this trend.

A quick TikTok search for 'clean girl nails' will bring up thousands of videos featuring nude and natural-looking manis – some of which we've created using our favourite natural nail polishes below!

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The Best Natural Gel Nail Polish for Nude Nails

From beigey pinks to creamy neutrals, there are plenty of natural gel nail polish shades to choose from. But when it comes to achieving a long-lasting and chip-resistant mani, our formula is the best of the best.

Our polishes create a salon-quality, pigmented, and glossy finish that lasts up to 3 weeks without chipping. You'll be able to admire your nude colour nails for longer and maintain a clean, polished look.

We've asked our team to pick out their 10 favourite natural nail colours and the polish they use to create them.

Natural Nail Colour

The Best Polish to Create the Look

Ashy Brown Nude Nails

Birthday Suit Gel Polish

Sheer Lilac Nails

Got The Feels Gel Polish

Sheer Peach Nude Nails

Meant To Be Gel Polish

Pink Nude Nails

XOXO Gel Polish

Light Pink Nude Nails

It's A Match Gel Polish

Peachy Pink Nude Nails

Flix & Chill Gel Polish

Orange Nude Nails

Bit Of Me Gel Polish

Rose Pink Nude Nails

Left On Read Gel Polish

Dusky Pink Nude Nails

For Your Eyes Only Gel Polish

Sheer White Nails

Ghosting Gel Polish

Ashy Brown Nude Nails = Birthday Suit Gel Polish

  • Sheer translucent ashy brown gel polish

  • Perfect for nude dark & olive skin tones

  • High gloss finish & fast-drying

Our Birthday Suit shade is a brown nude nail polish that perfectly complements dark skin tones.

The beautiful, rich shade has just a hint of semi-translucent pale ashy brown.

Of course, Birthday Suit also looks excellent when contrasted against medium skin tones and lighter skin tones, too!

Sheer Lilac Nails = Got The Feels Gel Polish

  • Sheer lilac purple gel polish

  • Works on everyone 

  • Great for the summer months

Got The Feels is an aptly named shade; everyone who tries it loves it. It's a sheer lilac purple that suits everyone regardless of skin tone.

It can work as a subtle pop of colour when used as a standalone, or it also acts as an excellent base for nail art. This colour is perfect for the spring and summer months.

Sheer Peach Nude Nails = Meant To Be Gel Polish

  • A bright peachy tone gel polish

  • Perfect for lighter skin tones

  • Semi-sheer & translucent

Finding this shade was simply meant to be!

This shade is a stunning but subtle peach that works best as a nude shade for lighter and fair skin tones, but it also looks great on darker skin tones.

Like the others, it is also on the more translucent side. Meant To Be is a brighter shade perfect for the warmer weather.

Pink Nude Nails = XOXO Gel Polish

  • An elegant pastel pink gel polish

  • Works for all skin tones & across seasons

  • Glossy finish

XOXO is a creamy pastel pink shade that can work year-round.

This shade is exquisite in its subtlety; it can be worn alone for a classy look, or it also works as an excellent base for nail art.

It has a universal appeal working for people regardless of their skin tone, too - although it works exceptionally well on those with a light to mid skin tone, thanks to the pink undertones.

Light Pink Nude Nails = It's A Match Gel Polish

It's A Match is one of the brighter nudes on this list. This bold pink shade packs more of a punch.

This shade can provide a stunning contrast to lighter and darker skin tones.

We especially love it for summer months to add a pretty pink flush to our nails, and the high gloss finish adds to its allure.

Peachy Pink Nude Nails = Flix & Chill Gel Polish

  • A true pink nude gel polish

  • Ideal for lighter skin tones

  • Great for a natural look or as a base for nail art

This shade is one of the truer nudes on the list.

It's a peachy, pinky nude that works perfectly on those with a mid to darker skin tone, providing a stunning contrast. It can also pop for those with a lighter skin tone.

Flix & Chill is the perfect base for nail art or as a natural look when used alone. Just make sure to apply a base coat polish first for maximum staying power!

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Orange Nude Nails = Bit Of Me Gel Polish

  • A deeper pinky, orange shade gel polish

  • Ideal for darker skin tones

  • A truly stand-out, standalone shade

Our Bit Of Me Gel Polish shade is also one of the bolder nudes on the list. It's a much deeper pink with orange undertones that looks beautiful against darker skin tones, but it can also work for those with a lighter skin tone.

The shade is a little on the sheer side, but it is still a great shade to wear alone or as part of your nail art efforts – especially in spring.

Rose Pink Nude Nails = Left On Read Gel Polish

  • A rosy pink

  • Subtle and sophisticated on lighter skin tones

  • Elegant but impactful on darker skin tones

Left On Read is a deeper shade of rose. It's a pretty muted pink that is more subtle on lighter skin tones and pops more on darker skin tones, but it remains an elegant colour either way.

Dusky Pink Nude Nails = For Your Eyes Only Gel Polish

  • Dusky peachy pink gel polish

  • Understated & delicate

  • Universal application for skin tones

For Your Eyes Only is a dusky pink with peach undertones – it’s also on the sheerer side. This nude shade is perhaps one of the most delicate shades on this list.

This shade works universally for all skin tones regardless of the time of year but complements darker skin tones especially well. It's also beautiful when used for a French manicure as a neutral base.

Sheer White Nails = Ghosting Gel Polish

  • A milky white gel polish

  • Semi-translucent

  • Ideal for nail art

Ghosting is a semi-translucent milky white shade that adds a healthy glow to your natural nails.

It can be used to create a range of effects and is perfect for nail art. Ghosting can also be used by itself to create a bold, stand-out look that takes your nails to another dimension.

How to Choose a Nude Polish That Matches Your Skin Tone

Finding the perfect nude shade for your skin and nail colour is notoriously tricky, and it has long since been debated. 

It often comes down to personal preference.

Some people would argue that your perfect nude is a shade on either side of your skin tone, while others think you need to match your skin tone or the colour of your nail beds.

But there are certainly some pointers that can help you determine which shade will match your skin's natural pigment the best, and the easiest way is to look at your skin's undertone. Once you know what undertone your skin has, you can more easily find your nude gel colour match.

  • Cool undertones pair better with pinky beige, dusky pink or peachy shades.

  • Warm undertones look better with warmer colours that have orange or rosy undertones.

  • Neutral undertones should seek out cooler shades with purple or blue undertones.

Luckily, our collection has an array of natural nail polish colours that'll most certainly have your perfect match, no matter your skin undertone.

Shop the Latest Natural & Nude Nail Colours at Mylee

Whether you're hopping on the clean girl trend or love the minimal aesthetic, we have a superb spectrum of natural colour polishes to pick from. From light pinks and soft neutrals to deeper browns and classic nudes, our entire nude gel polish collection expands to over 40 shades!


What nail polish looks the most natural?

Choosing a nude nail polish colour that most closely matches your skin tone will leave you with the most natural result. Our Ghosting Gel Polish shade is a beautiful, versatile gel polish that looks natural against all skin tones. For a subtle pink glow, our Flix & Chill Gel Polish is an excellent, wearable shade.

What nail colour makes your nails look healthy?

Pink nude gel polishes add a glow to your nails that makes them appear healthier. Our XOXO Gel Polish is the ultimate sheer pastel pink that complements all skin tones.

What is the most popular neutral nail colour?

Brown nudes are one of the most popular neutral nail colours. Our Birthday Suit Gel Polish is a signature ashy-brown nude gel polish, and the sheer finish gives it a really natural appearance.

How long do gel nails last on natural nails?

Our gel polishes last up to 3 weeks at a time when applied to natural nails and nail extensions. For the best results, make sure you properly prep your nails, and use a Mylee Pro LED Lamp to cure your polish.

Why are natural nail colours popular?

Natural nail colours are popular because they give a clean and polished look, which is suitable for any occasion and can match any outfit. They also make a great base for nail designs and are perfect for those who prefer a more subtle look.

Ellie Simmons

Ellie is a Brand Ambassador for Mylee. Alongside being a skilled and certified nail technician, Ellie's expertise extends to gel manicures and nail extensions.

Her heart and soul are devoted to all things nail-related, and she loves flaunting her own long, natural nails with captivating nail art. Ellie's ultimate favourites are iridescent and sparkly designs!

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