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Pride Nail Designs

We have a long way to go until we can all live without fear of persecution, but this is one way we can all show our support for LGBTQ+ rights.

Pride celebrates the colourful diversity of sexualities and genders that make up our community. Our campaign tells the stories of real people in the LGBTQ+ community.

We've also partnered with LGBTQ+ mental health charity MindOut this year - with 10% of the profits of the Mylee Pride Collection Kit sold in June, on any channel, going to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all LGBTQ+ communities.

We are celebrating love and acceptance this Pride Month with our special pride nail designs that you can create from our Mylee Pride Collection where you can unleash your creativity and be your true authentic self with a total of 11 MyGel nail colours to choose from.

From the iconic Rainbow Flag to the Transgender Flag, show your pride and support for the LGBTQAI+ community with these beautiful nail designs.

History of Pride & Pride Month

Pride is a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and its history. It’s also a time to recognise how far we have come, how much further we still have to go, and how important it is that we keep fighting for what’s right.

The rainbow flag was first used as a symbol for gay pride in 1978 by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker; he created the first version of it using colored fabric scraps donated by his friends (which explains why each section has a different colour). 

The flag was first raised at San Francisco Pride on June 25th that year - then known as Gay Freedom Day - with Harvey Milk declaring: “We must come out into the open… We are no longer willing to compromise our morality… We are no longer willing to live with guilt or fear or compromise our integrity.”

Since then, Pride Month has been celebrated annually every June across America and around the globe as a way of showing support for members of LGBTQ+ communities who continue to face discrimination despite their rights being protected under law (though not always upheld).

The fight goes on in some countries where the LGBTQ+ communities aren’t protected. There are many places where it’s still illegal and we’re supporting those whose lives aren’t protected.

Why We've Launched The Mylee Pride Kit

As you know, June has been designated as LGBTQ+ Pride Month. We’ve decided to launch the Mylee Pride Kit and we're excited for you all to get your hands on it.

Mylee, as a brand, celebrates everyone's own individuality, so we are really looking forward to seeing all of the amazing looks our fantastic community comes up with using this collection. Painting your nails has long been a form of expression, and Pride is something the whole team at Mylee HQ cares passionately about.

These bold and colourful designs are visually appealing, and would be perfect for any party. They are also very easy to do at home! You can use any of the 11 colours in the kit to wear as plain colours, or you can jazz it up with the glitter top coat. 

How To Apply Gel Polish

To get started, apply a layer of Base Coat to the entire nail. Then cure your Base Coat for 30 seconds in an LED lamp, or 90 seconds in a UV lamp. 

Apply a thin layer of your chosen gel polish. Push your brush towards your cuticle to paint the base of your nail. Now you can cure this layer. Repeat for a second layer to build up opacity.

Finally, apply a layer of Top Coat to seal your colour in and cure. Once cured, remove the tacky layer on your nails using the Mylee Prep & Wipe on a Lint Free Wipe.

Apply cuticle oil and you’re good to go!

Using our Mylee Dotting Tool, you can create a range of stunning designs, or add some extra detail by using different coloured polishes for each finger.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

All Mylee nail polishes are vegan and cruelty free - we are actually registered with PETA - which means they don't contain any animal by-products. 

Gel vs Regular Nail Polish

Gel nail polish, and ordinary nail polish, contain different formulas. The difference is that regular nail polish is air dried and gel nail polish requires curing, using a UV or LED lamp.

Gel nail polishes have become increasingly popular because they can last up to three weeks without chipping or cracking, which means you don't need to go back to the salon every week for a fresh manicure. 

This makes them very convenient for busy people or those who want their nails looking pretty all the time but don't have the time or money for frequent salon visits.

Our Collaboration With Mind Out Charity

At Mylee we're proud to be collaborating with the charity MindOut on this project.

Every time you buy one of our Pride Collection's in the month of June, 10% of the profits are going towards supporting the mental health of the LGBTQ+ community, not just in Brighton but globally.

This year Mind Out is celebrating its 10th anniversary, which is a huge milestone! 

We are proud to be working with such an incredible organisation that does so much for LGBTQ+ people in the UK. The work they do helps people gain confidence through leading groups themselves and then gives them the tools they need to help others within their communities too! 

We want everyone to know that we stand together in support of this great cause - it's not just about having fun with your nails but also knowing that by purchasing these kits you're doing something good for others too!

Pride Nail Designs To Try

During Pride month, our Instagram channel will showcase a whole host of Pride nail designs. Maybe they will inspire you to create a great look of your own?


We're working with a range of LQBTQ influencers and ambassadors to discuss how much access is available to mental health support, mixed in with some fabulous nail content, both minimalist and fun.

You can see some of their work on our Instagram account @myleebeautyofficial.

Nails & Identity

We uncover the role nails play in our identity because they tell a lot about who you are and what you do. 

They give an insight into our interests, backgrounds and even where we come from. What better way to show off these details than with an expressive nail design?

Nails can be a great way of expressing yourself without saying anything at all.


In conclusion, this Pride month we hope to learn more as a brand about how we can become a better ally to the LGBTQ+ community and create a welcoming and safe space for everyone to express themselves through the medium of nail art.

What these nail art looks lack in subtlety they make up for in boldness and colourfulness—the perfect way to show off your inner fierceness!

These looks are not only great for Pride Month, but they can be worn year-round as well (of course). 

So go ahead and flaunt your diversity with these stunningly vibrant designs that will leave everyone else green with envy!



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