Nail Shapes - The Definitive Guide

From the natural curve of a rounded nail to the pointed stiletto, there are so many nail shapes to choose from it can get a little confusing so here is our guide to nail shapes.

Every nail shape

The possibilities are endless when it comes to nail shapes but we’ve filed it down, rounded it off and buffed it down to the most popular shapes of all time.


Round - A more defined curve of your natural nail shape. This shape suits all hands and nail lengths! It's also one of the easiest shapes to file your nails into, you just follow the curve of your finger tip. 

Square - A modern classic with all straight edges! This one is easy to achieve if you have a bit of length on the sides of your nails and can get your hands of a good nail file! Simply file in a straight light on the top of your nails and on the sides to get a 90 degree angle on the edges. 

Oval - A longer more egg-shaped nail with a rounded tip. This is similar to a rounded nail, but with a bit more length so it really helps to elongate the nail and fingers. File the sides of your nails straight, and then round off the end with your file. 


Squoval - This shape is quite similar to a square by design. But instead of those sharp 90 degree edges it has more rounded edges, which makes it a lot softer looking and less sharp! To achieve this look simply file your nails square, then run your files over the edges to round them off slightly. 

Coffin - The name of this shape says it all! It mimics the shape of a coffin! Also commonly referred to as ballerina nails. This shape is tapered at the sides with a straight edge at the tip. To create this shape you start out by filing the sides of the nail into a point. But instead of leaving it with a point you file the top edge straight, leaving the tip with an angle. 

Almond - This shape is super popular! It’s in the name, a sweetly rounded almond-shaped nail. With tapered sides and a rounded tip, it elongates the nail a bit more than a purely rounded nail. Simply file the sides of the nail to bring it to a point, and then round of that point at the tip of the nail to slightly round it off. 

Stiletto - This is the ultimate dramatic long nail look with a pointed tip! Super elegant, but not the most practical. This look is great for long nails. To achieve this look file the sides of your nails and taper them in to create a sharp point at the tip, like a triangle.  

No matter which shape you decide to file your nails into they are sure to look fab! Properly prepping your nails, and applying gel polish can complete the look. 

FAQ’s about different nail shapes

What is the most popular nail shape right now?

We see a lot of nail designs and shapes and we mean A LOT! The most popular shape at the moment is the almond shape.

What nail shape is easiest to type with?

This all depends on the types and their abilities but a natural rounded or square shape would be perfect for all your typing and tapping needs.

Which nail shape is the weakest?

If your nail is topped with a luscious layer of Builder Gel or Gel Polish you there is no such thing as a weak shape (wink emoji) However if we had to choose we would say the stiletto shape is the weakest as the tip is so pointed it leaves the nail susceptible to breakages, and put strain on the sides of the nail if not cared for correctly.

Which nail shape is best for fat fingers?

It all depends on the shape of your nail beds but we think a beautifully simple rounded shape would be perfect for a larger finger as this will help to give the effect of longer and more narrow fingers.

What is the most feminine nail shape?

Hey! We believe all shapes are for all people whether you’re feminine or not. The most classic shape over the years is the rounded shape.

What nail shape looks best on small hands?

To help smaller hands look a little longer we would recommend a rounded or almond shape this will help to give the effect of longer fingers.

What shape do nails grow naturally?

Everyone is different some of us have naturally rounded shaped nails and some of us grow naturally square-shaped nails. Each one of our nails is unique to us like our own little snowflakes.

What is the best nail shape if you have time money for upkeep and want to make a statement?

The best nail shape for maintenance and to make a statement would be the Almond shape. Get ready for multiple nail compliments, this sweet shape will definitely make a statement whether it’s coloured with gel polish or even a beautiful french manicure.

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