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At-Home Waxing FAQs

Is at-home waxing easy?

Waxing at home is really easy to do, and you’ll be a pro after a few goes at it. The key is to use quality products and follow proper techniques – both of which you can find right here!

What’s the difference between stripless wax & cream wax?

Creme wax is a liquid consistency that requires you to use wax strips to remove the hair. Stripless wax, on the other hand, comes in the form of beads and doesn’t need to be used with wax strips. Both forms will need to be heated in a wax heater, like our Professional 500ml Wax Heater or Digital Wax Heater, before applying to your skin.

How long does at-home waxing last?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to how long a wax lasts. It depends on various factors, like your hair growth cycle, the waxing area, and your waxing frequency. On average, though, you can expect the results to last around 3-4 weeks, at which point you'll notice some regrowth.

Is it safe to wax yourself at home?

Yes, it’s safe to wax yourself at home, as long as you follow the correct procedures and take necessary precautions. It's crucial to ensure that the wax is not too hot, your skin is clean, and you perform the right aftercare to prevent any irritation or infection.

The Complete Waxing Kit gives you everything you need to safely wax at home.

How to make at-home waxing less painful?

To make at-home waxing a more comfortable experience, prep your skin by exfoliating beforehand. This helps remove dead skin cells and improves wax adhesion to the hair. Also, always make sure to apply the wax to dry skin and hair so that the wax can fully dry. You can use our 2-in-1 Pre & Post Hair Removal Oil alongside our Advanced Stripless Waxes to nourish the skin before waxing, too.

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