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Get Perfect Cool And Cosy Dark Winter Nails At Home

Ah, winter. There’s fresh excitement in the air – the Christmas parties are just around the corner and THAT roast is beckoning…

… but winter comes with its own set of challenges when it comes to your nails.

Cold weather can make your nails brittle and your hands and feet dry, with much need of some extra TLC! But it's not all doom and gloom. 

We’ll talk you through some ways to give your nails some extra TLC and get them party-ready.!  

Cosy and cool dark winter nails are just what the doctor ordered,  And we’ve put together our fave looks which can be done easily in the warm embrace of your home, using the nail products from our The Full Works Complete Gel Polish Kit - Autumn/Winter.

Mylee The Full Works Complete Gel Polish Kit - Autumn/Winter

Everything you need in one bundle for a fraction of the price; our Full Works Autumn/Winter Kit contains eight perfect cool-toned nail polish shades, a base and top coat polish, a nail curing lamp and an array of tools to help prep and care for your nails… and breathe!

From deep, glossy navy blue to a frosty, shimmering silver, we've encompassed the essence of winter in our selection of gel nail polish shades. 

We've also thought about caring for your nails too, so there's a cuticle oil and nail file to help keep things in tip-top condition during the cold winter months.

This complete gel polish kit is perfect for manis and pedis alike, so get ready for some winter pampering!

If you're searching for some winter nail inspiration, then you're in luck. We can't get enough of dark winter nails this season and it's only fair that we share our favourite winter nail colours with you too.

Spiced Burgundy Nails

Mulled wine, cinnamon and allspice? Our spiced burgundy nails say it all!

We love this deep, rich gel nail polish colour for its festive warmth which is perfect for a cosy winter night in, surrounded by the glow of Christmas fairy-lights.

With its red undertone, this shade of burgundy is just enough to make your winter nails stand out, but still serves up that classic dark winter nails vibe. 

The colour burgundy is thought to represent wealth, power and individuality, so you can really feel like winter royalty with these nails!

Use this burgundy gel nail polish alone for a beautiful and classic look. Or, why not paint an accent nail with silver glitter polish to add some festive sparkle? 

Use Mylee Break A Red and Hollywood Twist from our Complete Autumn/ Winter Gel Polish Kit for a truly magical effect.

Be sure to apply a layer of Base Coat and Top Coat from the kit too, using the LED lamp to cure your beautiful burgundy dark winter nails – these will help protect your nails from any damage and make sure that your spiced burgundy mani lasts for longer (up to 3 weeks)!

Stormy Grey Nails

Our grey nail polish, Mylee Behind The Scenes, is the perfect shade for mimicking those winter skies – think cloudy with a chance of silver linings. 

It may be dark, but this colour still manages to convey comfort and calm, which we all need during these cold months! Grey after all, represents balance and neutrality, so it's a great choice for those of us who want to create a subtle look.

This grey gel nail polish can be worn alone for understated yet sophisticated nails, or you can use it with another shade to mix things up. 

Whatever you choose to pair it with, be sure to apply your Base Coat and Top Coat from the Complete Autumn/Winter Gel Polish Kit for that extra layer of protection. Plus, use the LED lamp to cure your nails in just seconds, without the faff.

Enchanting Deep Purple Nails

Vibrant, opulent and enchanting – Mylee Deep Purple is a rich polish  scattered with subtle pink glitter that’s perfect for a magical winter's night. 

This deep purple shade is synonymous with nobility, luxury and power, so you’ll be feeling like an absolute boss this winter (well, definitely in your family Monopoly games anyway).

Use it alone for striking dark winter nails, or pair it with Mylee Moonlight Shadow (a rich, dark navy blue nail polish) to mimic winter night’s fit for a snow queen.

Don't forget to nourish your nails with almond Cuticle Oil to quench their thirst and protect them from any damage. Apply your Base Coat and Top Coat before curing under the LED lamp for perfect dark winter nails.

Glossy Dark Navy Blue Nails

As the nights get longer, why not look to the navy hues of a wintery night sky?

Our glossy dark navy blue nails are as deep and magical as they come. Inspired by midnight skies, Mylee Moonlight Shadow is the perfect shade for those darker evenings hunkering down or partying the night away.

Navy blue reflects power, confidence and authority, so use this dark winter nails look to channel your inner strength and set yourself up for a successful 2023.  

We think this is perfect considering the tough times the past year has thrown at us  – we could all use a little bit of self-empowerment!

Use Mylee Moonlight Shadow from the Complete Autumn/Winter Gel Polish Kit on its own for a more understated look or add a bit of shimmer and shine with Mylee Gold Digger – a glitter gel polish! 

With this, you can create a classic French manicure to mimic the stars against the night sky.

Always start off your dark winter nails with a layer of Base Coat and finish with the Top Coat for extra protection and longevity, curing with the LED nail lamp from the Complete Kit in between coats of gel polish.

It's Extra Important To Care For Your Hands & Nails in Winter

It’s  important to take extra care of your hands and nails in  the cold weather. As the temperature drops, our hands become prone to dryness and cracking due to low humidity levels in the air. 

Therefore, it’s essential to pay them a little more attention.

Always use a hydrating hand cream daily to keep your hands quenched, being sure to apply it regularly throughout the day. And don’t forget your nails! 

Our Nail & Cuticle Almond Oil from the Complete Autumn/Winter Gel Polish Kit is perfect for nourishing your hands and nails, not just through winter but all year round.  

This luxurious oil formula is enriched with almond oils to restore your skin’s elasticity, leaving you with smoother, more hydrated nails. It's particularly good after removing gel polish to restore moisture, and protect and nourish your nails and cuticles.

The Nail File from the Complete Kit is also a gentle file that will shape and shorten your nails, smoothing down any snags or rough edges, leaving them looking healthy and strong.

After all, your dark winter nails won't look as good if your hands and nails are neglected, so take the time to look after them.

Final Thoughts: Embrace the Cold with Dark Winter Nails

As we expect this winter to be a difficult time for many of us, we could all use a little bit of self-care and pampering to make sure we’re feeling the best we can. 

The Full Works Complete Autumn/Winter Gel Polish Kit is the perfect way to give yourself some  TLC this winter, with gel nail polish that capture the beauty and essence of winter.  It has everything you could need and more for perfect, hydrated dark winter nails.

So, make sure to take some me-time to look after yourself and your nails - you deserve it!


What nail colours are in for winter 2022?

Dark winter nails are always in for the season – shades of navy blue, burgundy and deep purples are popular for winter 2022. Add some silver sparkle or glitter to add a bit of glamour and shine.

How do I care for my nails and hands in winter?

It’s important to keep your nails and hands hydrated in winter, so use a hand cream, as well as a nail and cuticle oil daily. This should prevent them from drying out and cracking.

What colour nails should I get for winter?

We think dark winter nails are your best bet for the winter months. Shades like navy blue, burgundy and deep purples look great against the frosty backdrop of winter.

Is black nail polish a winter colour?

Yes, black nail polish is a great colour for winter. You can use it by itself for a bolder  look, or use it to create winter nail art designs.

What colour nail polish should you wear in January?

Dark navy blue gel nail polish is a great choice for your January nail colour. Navy blue represents power, confidence and authority. What better way to start the year?

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