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Ideas & Polish For Blue Christmas Nails

If you're the kind of person who revels in decorating their nails, especially for events and holidays like Christmas, you're in luck. Mylee's range of over 180 gel nail polishes have you covered for every nail need, but today we’ll be focusing on the perfect polishes for creating blue Christmas nails.

Why Blue Nails?

We hear you. Why blue? It’s about time to subvert the classic reds and golds of Christmas with something a little different. Blue is a trending nail colour for winter, reflecting the cooler palette of the season whilst also having the ability to add a pop of colour to any look. So go forth and sleigh the snow queen vibe. 

We have a range of blue shades to suit all skin tones. From pale blue to navy, there's a blue nail varnish out there for everyone and that's why we love it!

9 Blue Christmas Nail Designs

Ice Queen Blue Christmas Nails

There are two elements that we love in this Ice Queen design, the blue and white combo, as well as the addition of a super glittery silver accent. Using these together creates a look that's fit for a winter wonderland.

To recreate this design, prep your nails and apply your base coat as usual, cure and then apply your chosen blue gel polish. We've used Mylee Santorini Rooftops as it's the perfect bright blue shade for this look. 

Once that's been cured under a UV or LED nail lamp, apply a small amount of white gel polish and using a brush and a dotting tool, you can start to create the intricate star and icicle designs. Add your dots first using the dotting tool and then drag them apart using a thin liner brush. 

Go in with Mylee Cat Eye Gel Polish in Gemini for the reflective glittery finish on your accent nail. Then finish off the look with some top coat. 

Products Needed To Create This Look

 Straight & Simple Blue Glitter Nails

If you're looking for a way to add some extra sparkle to the festive period, glittery blue gel nails are the perfect way to do it! Not only do they look great, but they're also really easy to apply.

We love blue glitter nails because they add a touch of festive sparkle to any outfit. They're perfect for parties, events and even just everyday wear. The best part is that blue glitter nails are really easy to do yourself!

Here's how to get the look:

1. Prep is key

Push back your cuticles, shape & buff the nails, then cleanse with Prep & Wipe for the ideal base

2. Apply layers

Apply the MyGel Base Coat & cure for 30 secs. Layer up your chosen MyGel shade, curing each time.

3. Cap edges

Avoid lifting by adding a little bit of polish to the tips of your nails and curing.

4. Lock it in

Apply the MyGel Top Coat for extra gloss and strength, then cure for 30 seconds under your LED lamp.

5. Hydrate nails

After removing any tacky layer with Prep & Wipe, massage in a little cuticle oil. Voila! You’re set.

Products Needed To Create This Look

Magnetic Blue Christmas Nails

If you want to take your blue glitter mani a step further, use our Cancer Cat Eye Polish for a shimmering effect, adding a line across the nail in gold for a striking contrast. This type of nail art design is very popular right now, and it's really easy to do. Simply use a magnetic polish and before you cure hover over a magnet to create a line. 

Finish off your nails with a clear top coat to help protect your design and make it last longer. And that's it! Beautiful blue glitter nails that are perfect for the festive season!

Products Needed To Create This Look

Blue Foiled Nails

For those who like to have a foiled shiny finish why not try a blue foiled effect? To create this design, prep your nails as usual with a base coat, apply your gel polish base.

Here we've used a sheer jelly blue shade called Blue Lagoon. Once that is cured apply a layer of Mylee Foil Gel and cure. Then prepare your blue foil and lightly tap the foil onto the nail blue side up. Pull away to create a distressed look. 

This design isn't meant to be perfect, and tapping the blue foil will give a distressed and edgy look. Once you're happy with the colour, finish it off with a clear top coat.

Products Needed To Create This Look

Sky Blue Christmas Nails

Next up is a sky blue shade for the base layer with a glittery blue cuff.

This design is perfect for those who want something a little dainty. To create this look, start with a base coat and then the sky-blue base layer. We've used Mylee Gel Polish in Tiffany here.

Once that's cured , use a dotting tool or a thin brush to place your glittery polish around the base of your nail. Be careful not to touch the cuticles! 

You could use a glittery blue polish for this, or why not try some loose glitter too, so it really pops! This is such a fun twist on a french mani. When you're happy, finish it off with a clear top coat.

Products Needed To Create This Look

Blue & White Snowflake Christmas Nails

There are so many things we love about these blue nails. Mostly, the light blue gel polish paired with this dazzling glitter is a dazzling shade makes a bold statement when topped with these cute snowflakes. 

As we've seen in previous designs, adding in a bit of loose glitter is a great way to add some extra interest to your mani. To create this look, start with a light blue base layer.

Once that's cured, sprinkle on some loose glittter. Then using a dotting tool and a striping brush draw snowlakes on each nail.

Once cured your light blue polish will still have a tacky layer, making it perfect for loose glitter to stick to. 

Products Needed To Create This Look

Marble Blue Christmas Nails

Heading somewhere tropical this Christmas? If so, we have the perfect look for you with this fun marble design, featuring multiple blue shades that create a magical oceanic effect.

To create this design, prep as usual and then start with a light blue base layer. Once that's cured, use a darker shade of blue mixed with white to create the waves / marble look. Swirl them together with a dotting tool before curing to secure. Finish this off with a clear top coat and, of course, cure.

Products Needed To Create This Look

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and found some inspiration for your next gel nail design. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to help!

Don't forget that you can shop the full Mylee range here, and we have an amazing Christmas collection too!

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