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At-Home Waxing Just Got Smoother With Mylee's Digital Wax Heater

Written by: Ellie Simmons



Time to read 7 min

Your at-home waxing routine is about to get a whole lot smoother with our brand-new Mylee Digital Wax Heater.

Gone are the days of having to worry about unevenly heated wax causing burns and irritation. The Mylee Digital Wax Heater has been developed using clever ActiMelt tech that heats your wax of choice perfectly, allowing you to achieve super smooth results right at home.

What is ActiMelt technology, you ask? And how do you go about using the digital wax heater? Our guide to this revolutionary new product will answer all your questions and more.

Plus, we have a few extra at-home waxing goodies that'll make your routine even better still.

How Does the Mylee Digital Wax Heater Work?

Our Digital Wax Heater can be used with any wax you choose, from creme to stripless, so it's suited to any and every waxing routine.

As the name might tell you, all the heating of the wax is done digitally, making your life a whole lot easier. There are + and - buttons for adjusting the temperature of the wax, allowing you to manually control the heating of your wax if you wish.

But what makes this wax heater even easier to use is the 'Melt' button. When pressed, you can select the best setting for the type and quantity of wax that you're using, so the heating will be a piece of cake.

There are 4 smart temperature settings to choose from, so you can select the most appropriate for the wax type you're using.

Mylee Digital Wax Heater Setting Type of Wax Approx. Time Until Ready*
C1 Half a pot of Creme Wax 20 mins
C2 A full pot of Creme Wax 40 mins
H1 Half a pot of Hard Wax 20 mins
H2 A full pot of Hard Wax 40 mins

Plus, there's also a handy timer that will alert you when your wax is ready for use! Listen out for the beep – this tells you the wax has reached 65°C and is good to go.

*These durations are estimated, and the final duration will depend on each wax formula, the amount you are melting and the ambient temperature. 

We recommend always mixing your wax thoroughly to spread the heat at the end of the preset settings. If you have followed the recommended quantity, your wax will not be fully melted but should be at a temperature safe for use.

Top Tip! Speed up the cooling time by removing the lid.

What is ActiMelt Technology? (And Why You Should Care)

ActiMelt technology essentially means that the heater will heat the wax up on full to get the wax to fully melt to the right consistency and then brings the temperature back down so it’s safe for you to use.

In other words, it melts the wax at a higher temperature quicker and then reduces the temperature and beeps when it’s good to use.

This is different from manual wax heaters since you whack the heater up to the top temperature and then have to manually turn it back down to medium heat to cool it down enough so it’s safe to use but won’t harden.

It's really important that your wax is heated evenly and consistently so you can achieve the best results without any issues, so make sure you stir the wax to distribute the heat.

Pair this with the 4 temperature settings and the timer, and you've got a wax heater that's as hassle-free and easy to use as possible.

How to Use Our Digital Wax Heater

Using the Mylee Digital Wax Heater is really easy. So easy, in fact, that there are barely any steps involved. But we'll talk you through it anyway.

For Use with Mylee Stripless Wax

Step 1: Remove the clear lid.


Step 2: Fill the silicone jar to your desired level with the wax beads.


Step 3: Secure the lid over the top of the heater.


Step 4: Press the power button once.


Step 5: Press the MELT button three times to enter the H1 setting (suitable for a minimum of 100g of wax) or four times to enter the H2 setting (suitable for 200g of wax or more).


Step 6: Place the lid on the Mylee Digital Wax Heater and wait for it to do its thing. You could use this time to prep your skin for waxing.


Step 7: When you hear the beep, your wax is ready for use.

For Use with Mylee Crème and Soft Wax Pots

Step 1: Remove the clear lid.

Step 2: Remove the silicone jar from the heating chamber and place to one side as you will not need it.

Step 3: Take the lid off the crème or soft wax and place the pot directly into the heating chamber.

Step 4: Secure the clear lid over the top of the heater.

Step 5: Press the power button.

Step 6: Press the MELT button once to enter C1 mode (suitable for half a pot of crème wax) or twice to enter C2 mode (suitable for a full pot of crème wax).

Step 7: Place the lid on the Mylee Digital Wax Heater and wait for it to do its thing. You could use this time to prep your skin for waxing.

Step 8: When you hear the beep, your wax is ready for use.

Always check the consistency of the wax before application and carry out a patch test on the inside of your wrist.

At the right temperature, your wax should have the consistency of thick honey. When loading your spatula, you should be able to turn it two or three times to have a good dollop on the top that doesn't run off if you stop twirling it.

A good rule of thumb is if the wax drips while you twirl – it's too hot.

It should also glide easily onto the skin, so when the wax is too stringy and doesn't spread seamlessly, you'll need to give it more time to heat.

When the full treatment is complete, just turn off the device and unplug it from the mains. Allow your wax to cool down before removing the silicone jar from the heater. Any leftover wax can be reheated and then reused.

Cancelling the MELTing Cycle

To cancel the MELTing cycle, press the - button at any time.

You are now back in the manual setting. When the wax is ready for use, the device will beep.

Remove the lid and mix thoroughly with a spatula, checking the consistency.

Follow our How-To Waxing Guide for the best at-home waxing results

How to Clean the SimpleCleanse Wax Pots & Digital Heater

After waxing, you'll need to clean your digital wax heater and the wax pot before you use it again. 

It's really important that you do this properly, as leaving wax residue could damage your heater, and it's not hygienic.

Our SimpleCleanse wax pots used in our Digital Wax Heaters are made from an easy-to-clean silicone that makes the task much easier.

  1. After you've waxed, let any remaining hard

  2.  wax in the pot cool down.

  3. Once it has reached room temperature, take it out of the heater chamber and give the pot a squeeze to pop the wax out.

  4. Put the cool wax into a tub or back into the original wax container.

  5. You can also wipe the non-stick chamber removing wax residue – if there is any – on the Digital Wax Heater itself.

See? We told you it was easy.

Achieve Fuss-Free Hair Removal With the Mylee Digital Wax Heater

At-home waxing just got a whole lot easier with the new Mylee Digital Wax Heater, combining clever technology with our professional wax to give you the smoothest results every time.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or for a friend, this Digital Heater makes a great addition to any waxing routine. 

Try out our new Mylee Digital Wax Heater today, and reveal smoother skin that lasts.


Is a Digital Wax Heater Better Than Microwaving Wax?

Yes, the Mylee Digital Wax Heater ensures that your wax is heated evenly and accurately, so you don't have to worry about any hot spots or cold patches. We never recommend microwaving wax as it's difficult to keep an eye on the wax temperature, and you could end up overheating it. It’s just not safe.

How Do I Know Which Setting to Use On the Digital Wax Heater?

There are 4 smart temperature settings to choose from, so you can select the most appropriate for the wax type you're using. The settings are as follows: C1 for half a pot of creme wax, C2 for a full pot, H1 for a half pot of hard wax and H2 for a full pot.

Is the Mylee Lilac Creme Wax Suitable for Sensitive Skin?

Yes, our Lilac Creme Wax is great for use on sensitive skin, ensuring that waxing won't cause any irritation or discomfort. Just be careful when applying the hot wax to your skin - we recommend testing a patch on the inside of your wrist first.

What Waxing Equipment Do I Need to Wax at Home?

To wax at home, you'll need a digital wax heater like the Mylee Digital Wax Heater, your chosen wax and some waxing essentials, such as paper waxing strips and disposable wooden spatulas. Our Creme De La Creme Wax Kit has everything you need for a professional at-home waxing experience.

Ellie Simmons

Ellie is the Brand Manager at Mylee, where she immerses herself in all things gel nails. 

Alongside being a skilled and certified nail technician, Ellie's expertise extends to gel manicures and nail extensions. Her heart and soul are devoted to all things nail-related, and she loves flaunting her own long, natural nails with captivating nail art. 

Ellie's ultimate favourites are iridescent and sparkly designs!

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