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Nail Art FAQs

How do you apply loose nail glitter?

Prep your nails and apply a Base Coat. You can either apply the loose glitter to your Base Coat layer or a colour gel polish. If applying to a colour gel, first cure your Base Coat for 30 seconds under our Pro LED Lamp, apply your chosen polish, and cure again. 

Then, apply the loose glitter to the tacky nail surface using a Sponge Applicator or shaking over your nail. Brush off any excess, and apply a Top Coat or float over a layer of Clear Builder Gel to encapsulate the glitter and give a smooth finish. Cure for a final 30 seconds.

How do you use nail art brushes?

Dip your brush into the gel polish or Créme CaraGel pot, then paint your design onto a cured Base Coat or gel colour. Once you're satisfied with your nail art, flash cure for 15 seconds under our LED Lamp. Seal it with a Top Coat and cure it for 30 seconds.

How do you clean gel nail art brushes?

Our Brush It Off! brush cleanser is super effective for keeping your brushes clean and fresh. Simply apply a small amount of the cleanser to a mixing palette or nail wipe, then gently swirl the bristles in the cleanser. Wipe off any excess product using a nail wipe. Repeat if needed.

How do you apply nail art stickers?

To effortlessly apply nail art stickers, simply peel them off the backing and gently place them on your natural nails or a cured polish layer. Finish off with a Top Coat to lock in the design. It's that easy!

How do you apply gems to your nails?

We recommend using Builder Gel to attach gems to your nails. Dot a small amount of the gel onto your nail where you want the gems to go over a cured Base Coat or gel colour, and use the Dotting Tool or tweezers to place them onto the gel. Flash cure under our LED Lamp for 15 seconds. You can then encapsulate with more Builder Gel, curing for a further 60 seconds.

Can you do nail art with gel polish?

Absolutely! You can create stunning nail art with gel polish by using a nail art brush or the built-in bottle brush. Our Créme CaraGels are also great for creating nail art – these are a solid gel polish that makes it easier to create more intricate designs.

Top tip: flash cure your designs for 15 seconds once you’re happy with them to stop them smudging whilst you work on your other nails.

How do you use a dotting tool for nail art?

Simply dip the end of the tool into your favourite gel nail polish and carefully dot it onto your nails to create your desired patterns. The different sizes of the dotting tool ends allow for versatile dot sizes.

How do you apply foils to your nails?

Begin by applying a Base Coat and curing for 30 seconds underneath our Pro LED Lamp. Apply a colour gel polish if you wish, and cure again if you do. Then, apply our Foil Gel and cure. Carefully place the nail foil onto your nail, shiny side up, and press it into the adhesive. Lift the foil off, and it will have transferred. Seal your design with a Top Coat. Cure for a final time.

How do you apply chrome to your nails?

Applying chrome to your nails can be achieved by using our chrome Cushion Powder Pens and No-Wipe Top Coat. Apply a layer of No-Wipe Top Coat and cure under our LED Lamp for 30 seconds. Then, dip the cushion into the pen lid and buff the chrome powder onto your nail. Apply another layer of No-Wipe Top Coat and cure.

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