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Mylee Gel Nail Lamp FAQs

What does a nail curing lamp do?

A nail curing lamp essentially hardens the gel polish, so it sets on top of your nail surface. The UV rays emitted by the lamp ‘cure’ the polish particles, resulting in the hardened gel.

Can gel nail polish air dry?

No, gel polish won’t airy dry and needs to be cured underneath a nail lamp in order to set. Trying to air dry your gel polish won’t work – the polish will just be sat wet on your nail. Plus, curing the polish is needed to apply multiple layers and nail art.

What’s the difference between LED & UV nail lamps?

Both types of nail lamps emit UV rays that harden the gel polish, but the difference is in the wavelength of these rays. LED lamps emit smaller wavelengths than UV lamps, which results in faster curing time. However, you can’t use an LED lamp to cure UV-only polish.

How long does gel polish take to dry under a lamp?

A normal layer of gel polish will take 30-60 seconds to cure underneath the LED Lamp and around 120 seconds under a UV lamp. You can flash cure nail art for a shorter length of time – 15 seconds under our LED lamp. Thicker layers of polish will need to be cured for longer.

Can I cure Mylee Gel Polish with another brand's nail lamp?

We would advise against it. The Pro Salon Series Convex LED Lamp has been designed to work alongside our gel polish formula to ensure the best possible results. We can’t guarantee the same finish when cured with lamps from other brands.

What is the wattage of Mylee nail lamps?

The Convex LED Lamp is 18 watts but converts this output to 20 mW/cm2 (Millwatt per square centimetre) UV light intensity. This makes it much more energy efficient than most other curing lamps. 

Remember, the wattage is just what the lamp pulls in; it's what it emits that’s the most important in curing. A nail lamp can have very high watts, but if it's not emitting enough light, it could mean your gel polish isn't curing correctly.

Are gel nail lamps safe?

Despite common misconceptions, gel nail lamps are safe to use. The UV rays emitted by the lamps are very small and don’t commonly lead to any skin issues. However, you can choose to wear manicure gloves or SPF hand cream* for extra protection.

*Please note: remove any SPFs, creams and/or moisturisers from nails before applying gel polish.

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