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Gel Nail Polish FAQs

Are Mylee gel nail polishes cruelty-free?

Yes, all of them. We don’t test our products or ingredients on animals, and we don’t retail in any country that requires animal testing. The whole Mylee range has been certified by PETA.

Are Mylee gel polishes vegan?

Yes, all of our Mylee gel polishes are completely vegan.

Are Mylee gel nail polishes HEMA-free (and what is HEMA)?

Yes, Mylee gel polishes are HEMA-free. HEMA is a monomer called hydroxyethyl methacrylate, which is essentially the adhesive product that’s found in many nail products. It’s recently been associated with skin sensitivities and allergies.

How does gel nail polish work?

To get a little techy – gel polish is made up of monomers and oligomers (stick with us) that bond together when placed under UV light. This is known as curing and sets the liquid gel hard in a matter of seconds, leaving long-lasting results.

How many layers of gel polish should you apply?

It depends on the opacity you’re going for, but we typically recommend applying two to three coats of gel colour for a bold, opaque finish. If you’re after a more sheer look, then one coat will do.

Does gel nail polish have an expiry date?

If stored correctly (not in direct sunlight and with the bottle lid fully screwed on), gel polish will last two years or more before it needs to be replaced. You can usually tell if gel polish has expired from the texture – the gel will have likely gone very thick.

Why is the gel polish colour in the bottle not the same as on the website?

As Mylee gel polish is cured with light, we cannot put it in a clear bottle. Every effort is made to ensure that all our product imagery is as accurate as possible. Due to colour/resolution settings on screens and printing, the colours can differ slightly from the physical product.

How do I store my gel polishes?

Store your gel polishes out of direct sunlight and in an upright position with the bottle lid fully screwed on. They’re best placed in a cabinet or drawer or inside a gel polish storage case, like the Gel Polish Case and Gel Polish Kit Case.

Can I do my gel nails outside?

No. You can’t use Mylee gel polish outside as exposure to sunlight will make the gel polish start to set. You need to apply it indoors. For the same reason, don’t apply right next to an open window.

Why has my gel polish brush gone hard, and can I save it? 

Your gel polish brush may have gone hard if you've left the bottle open in front of the lamp when you're curing your nails. Be careful to always keep your bottles behind the lamp and out of the light when curing. If you have got cured product on your brush, you can try soaking it in Pure Acetone or Gel Remover and use a Wooden Cuticle Pusher to scrape out bits of the cured product.

What is the difference between gel polish and regular nail polish?

The biggest difference between gel polish and regular nail polish is that gel polish needs to be cured by a UV light, whereas regular polish air dries. UV and LED nail curing lamps omit UV light that hardens the gel polish. 

On top of that, regular nail polishes don’t last anywhere near as long (around 1 week), and gel polish lasts up to 3 weeks.

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