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Collection: Nail Glitter Powder

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  • Mylee All That Glitters in Vibrant
    Mylee All That Glitters in Vibrant

    Mylee All That Glitters in Vibrant

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Nail Glitter Powder

So you've got your nails all done up, but they're just not flashy enough. You need some nail glitter powder! Not only will nail glitter make your nails look great, but it's also really easy to apply and encapsulate with a Mylee Clear Builder Gel so you can get that professional salon look at home.

There are lots of different ways that you can use nail glitter powder to create unique and interesting nail designs. You can mix and match different colours or go for a more subtle effect by just using one colour.

You can also apply the glitter in different ways - either by dipping your nails directly into the powder or using a small nail brush to apply it more precisely. And of course, you can always just sprinkle some on and hope for the best!

If you're not sure where to start, then why not try one our these nail glitter powder pots?

Can any glitter be used for nails?

No, not all nail glitter is created equal! Make sure you use nail glitter powder that is specifically designed for nails, like the Mylee nail glitter pots in our All That Glitters range. This will ensure that your nail glitter powder is safe to use and won't damage your nails.

Can you add glitter to acrylic nail powder?

Yes, you can add glitter to acrylic nail powder to create a sparkly effect. Simply mix the two powders together before applying them to your nails.

Which glitter nail polish is best?

There are lots of different nail glitter powders on the market, so it can be tricky to choose the best one for you. Our Mylee All That Glitters nail glitter powder pots are a great option if you're looking for a wide variety of colours and finishes that are easy to apply and don't cost the earth!

Can you mix glitter with gel polish?

We’d suggest applying your gel polish first and then sticking on your glitter to the tacky layer of polish, before encapsulating it with clear builder gel. 

Do I need a top coat for nail glitter?

We recommend encapsulating using Mylee Builder Gel for a smooth finish.You can also add a glossy top coat for that extra shine!

How do you apply glitter powder to nails?

There are several ways to apply glitter to the nails.

1. Prep nails and apply your chosen MyGel polish as usual.

2. Apply glitter using one of the following techniques:

- Using the Mylee Sponge Applicator pick up your glitter by dipping the sponge into the glitter and pat it onto the nail. It will adhere to the tacky layer of polish.

- Use a dotting tool to pick up individual confetti pieces of glitter and apply to the tacky layer of polish in your desired position.

- Using the Mylee Glitter Catcher place your finger over the catcher and use the scoop to pour glitter over the nail. Press in to adhere to the tacky layer of polish. You can then use the glitter catcher to catch any excess glitter and scoop it back into its container.

- Use nail art brushes to pick up the glitter and place onto the nail in the desired position.

- Mix loose glitter in with MyGel Base Coat and brush onto the nail like a polish.

- Dip your nail into the pot of glitter and press in to adhere to the tacky layer of polish.

3. Use the Mylee Duster brush to dust over the nails and remove any excess glitter from the fingers.

4. Apply MyGel Top Coat and cure (30 secs with Mylee Pro Lamp.) Or to encapsulate thicker glitters apply MyGel Clear Builder Gel and cure (60 secs with Mylee Pro Lamp.)

5. Remove tacky layer with Prep & Wipe on a Lint-Free Wipe.

6. Apply cuticle oil on cuticles and enjoy your sparkly manicure!



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