Top Tips to Beat Blue Monday

Monday the 17th January 2022 is also known as Blue Monday.

And this Monday comes around every year on the 3rd Monday of January where we all frankly do feel a bit blue!

Christmas and New Years festivities are over, the weather is cold and a bit pants. 

To help us get over this mid-Jan hurdle, we have 5 tips Mylee Mindfulness Tips to help!

We’re not saying you must do these things, but if you’re after a few ideas to clear your head and do some self-care this month then keep reading! 

1) Go for a walk 

Honestly just getting out of the house, looking away from those screens and just getting some fresh air can do the world of good!

Even just going out for 10 minutes to walk around the block and put some distance between you and your home or work helps to clear your mind and give you a little perspective. 

2) Do a mindfulness mani 

We may be biased, but we find giving yourself a mani to be super relaxing, and giving you some all-important me-time.

A Mylee gel manicure can be done in just half an hour. That's 30 minutes of just concentrating on your hands and nails. Plus you get a stunning mani at the end of it! 

3) Reach out to an old friend and say Hey!

Sometimes we get so caught up in our work and our own heads we forget how much time has passed since we met up with that old friend for a drink, or popped on zoom to say hey. 

Even just sending a little hey, how are you? Text to a friend can make the world of difference, and remind them you’re still there and still care. 

4) De-clutter 5 things

The thought of decluttering your whole home and giving it a spring clean can seem pretty overwhelming. But I bet after Christmas and lots of new prezzies we need to make some room for new things. 

Why not break it down and just declutter 5 things from your home over the next week. The entire wardrobe seems overwhelming, but just starting with decluttering 5 pairs of shoes is a bit more manageable. 

5) And don't forget to keep in the present moment 

This one is so so important! It’s so easy to get bogged down with work, friends, family and global affairs.

New Years is all about making resolutions about what you want to achieve in the next year, but don’t forget to embrace the here and now and make the most of what you’ve got right in front of you!

To sum up, we realise we’re telling you things you already know. But sometimes we all just need that little push and a reminder of some simple and quick things we can do to beat the January blues! 

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