Professional Nail Foil Art - How to Use Nail Transfer Foil

The story so far... 

Not since the 80s have foil nails been so popular. Back then, they were more lacquered and thick unlike todays foils that are powdery thin, almost like blotting paper.
From Beyoncé with her high-voltage, metallic nails to Rihanna’s on-trend tips – bling nails continue to be a seriously big hit with the A-listers. Plus, from designers like Preen to Mary Katrantzou; the red carpet and the runway have both been dazzled by this eye-catching nail art design.
Unique and multi-dimensional, available in a range of colours, patterns and metallic shades, foils have become an easy alternative to the precious, hand-drawn and sometimes impossibly intricate nail art that dominated the early 2000s.
The ease of use and element of surprise in the final effect is a sure reason why this trend is so popular. Whether you press different colour foils over and around each other to look like camouflage or cut them into strips, then press on to create a stripe effect; depending on how you apply it, it can leave all sorts of abstract patterns.
The fun of foils is in the experimenting. There are no limits!
And what’s more, nail foils can be easily applied at home where even ordinary polish can be transformed into a work of (nail) art

What are nail foils?

There are 2 types of nail foils. Some which come scrunched up and can be placed over the nail with tweezers. These can be stuck onto the sticky layer of polish and be encapsulated with Builder Gel. There are also transfer foils which transfer onto the nails when a special foil gel is used. You apply your foil transfer gel, cure it, and then place your foil design (facing upwards) rub it down onto the nail for the foil to transfer, then lift off. 

How to apply nail transfer foil in four steps

New to nail art? Try this technique and look like a pro! The beauty of nail foils is that it can never go wrong. Unlike some trickier techniques that may require a steady, precise hand and lots of practice, foils are all about having fun and the element of surprise. Here is how...


Prep nails ensuring they’re polish-free and file into shape. Apply one coat of MyGel Base Coat, then cure for 30 seconds. Then, get ready with your favourite MyGel colour.
It can be ANY shade – your everyday nude, a classic red or something to co-ordinate or clash with your outfit – the choice is yours.
Apply the first coat then cure for 30 seconds and repeat with the second layer to build up opacity. 


Once cured, you have 2 options. You can either apply your foil gel over the whole nail and cure for 30 seconds. Or you can wipe away the tacky layer with the Prep & Shine Wipes or some Prep & Wipe on a Lint Free Wipe and apply the foil gel with a nail art brush in your desired pattern and cure for 30 seconds.


Next take the foil transfer sheet and press down onto the nail. It may be easier to cut the foil to the size of your nail to apply. 
Be sure to place the silver side down onto your nail so your foil effect or pattern is facing upwards where it will be seen. 
Rub the foil sheet onto your nail for the transfer to take place and gently peel away for your foil to be revealed! 
Why not play around with only applying the glue to tips for a fun twist on a traditional French nail or just apply glue onto one finger nail, instead of all five?


Now seal in your foil design by applying a MyGel Top Coat. Make sure you cap the free edge – this means sweeping the top coat brush along the edge of the nail tip to create a seal to avoid chips. Cure for 30 seconds resulting. 
Remove the tacky layer with the Prep & Shine Wipes or some Prep & Wipe on a Lint Free Wipe to finish up your stunning foil mani! 

Finish off with some cuticle oil and you're good to go!


Why won't my nail foils stick?

When using nail foil with gel polish be sure to use a specific foil gel. This is best for adhesion. Foils won't always adhere to the natural tacky layer of gel polish. You can also get foil glue which you can use with regular nail polish. You apply this as a layer over regular polish and allow to dry and go clear before applying the foil. This type of foil glue doesn't need to be cured. 

How to use nail foil with gel?

Simply add some foil gel over your regular gel mani and cure to adhere your foils to. You can either apply over the whole nail or do some intricate designs by applying the foil gel with a nail art brush. 

How to use nail transfer foil without glue?

If you don't have transfer gel we can't guarantee your foil will fully adhere to your nail. You can try to transfer the foil into the tacky layer of your gel polish once cured, but it may come off patchy. If this is the look you're going for then great! 
You can also apply non transfer foils to your nails with tweezers and builder gel! 

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