UV & LED Dryer For Nails: Best Nail Lamps For Curing Nail Polish Quickly

Looking for a dryer for your nails? A UV or LED nail lamp is essential for curing and hardening you gel nail polish. At Mylee we have our own Mylee LED and UV lamps to cure and 'dry / harden' all our MyGel polishes, and recommend using the Mylee lamps for guaranteed results in curing MyGel polish, builder gel and polygel. In this post, we’ll talk you through each of our lamps for curing nail gel and the best way to use them.

Choosing The Best Nail Polish Dryer

You need to consider a few factors when choosing the best lamp for gel manicures. You might also have some questions. Some of the common questions you might have when choosing a nail lamp include:  

  • Where can I use a UV or LED nail lamp?
  • How do you use a nail lamp?
  • What's the best nail lamp to buy?
  • Is UV light good for nails?
  • What's the best portable nail lamp?

If you are an avid user of gel nail polish, you need a lamp with either an LED or UV light to sure the polish. This is because gel products require this kind of light to cure and harden. However, you can get some gel polishes that cure under only UV light, although all Mylee gel polish cures under LED and UV light. 

If you are a professional nail technician that is mobile, you may also want to consider a lightweight lamp that is easy to move around and works anywhere. 

If using Mylee gel polishes, we recommend using the Mylee branded UV and LED Lamps, as we can only guarantee full and proper curing of our MyGel polish when using our lamps. 

Now we've got some ideas for choosing the best UV or LED nail lamp; let's explore some nail lamps products currently available in our Mylee store. 


Best Nail Lamp Products From Mylee

Mylee Pro Salon Series Convex LED Lamp Black/White

Whether you are a professional nail artist or you love doing your nails at home, the Mylee Pro LED Lamp is a must-have! It uses innovative technology that flash cures gel polish or cures thin layers in just 15 seconds. We recommend 30 seconds for a regular application. It features three timer settings and pre-sets to suit different curing cycles and is also suitable for pedicures. 

Equipped with a removable metal tray, this lamp makes those picture-perfect pedicures - hassle-free. And to top it off, this lamp features convex curve technology, which mirrors the curve of your nail, curing the top and the sides. And is also perfect for curing your thumb at the same time! With an impressive 50,000 hour lifespan, it doesn't get much better than this. 

The lamp is available in two colours: white and black

Mylee White/Black 36W UV Lamp

Portable, lightweight and reliable, our Mylee UV lamp creates the most stunning manicures and pedicures. In just 120 seconds, it can cure your gel polish. The lamp features an auto-timer and a stop/start button making it easy to use. Simply pop your hand in, press the timer and await your beautifully cured nails. 

The 36W bulbs last approximately 4,000 hours and can be replaced once used. If you want a reliable lamp, this is the one to watch. You don't want to sleep on this one! The lamp is available in two colours: white and black

Mylee 4 X Mylee 9W Replacement UV Lamp Bulbs

Need a bulb replacement for your Mylee UV lamp? Don't worry; we've got you covered. This replacement pack of four 9W bulbs are not only fantastic value, but they are lightweight and compact. 

Firmly insert the bulb in your lamp until you hear an audible click. This lets you know that you have installed them successfully. Over time, your bulbs may become damaged or start to fade, so a replacement pack can certainly save the day.

Nail Polish Dryer FAQ

Do LED Nail Dryers Work On Regular Nail Polish?

LED & UV lamps do not work on regular nail polish, only gel products. This is because gel polishes contain a polymer. The polish will not settle without curing under an LED or UV light. You must air dry regular nail polish rather than using a light. If you pop it under a lamp - nothing will happen!

Do Nail Polish Dryers Cure Gel Polish?

Nail lamps with either a UV or LED light will cure or harden Mylee gel polish. Either the LED or UV Lamp will cure Mylee Gel Polish (as well as builder gel and polygel).

The light is needed as gel products contain polymer, which will struggle to harden without being cured under a light. Before purchasing a nail polish dryer, you should consider the products that you use, whether that be regular polish or gel. 

Are UV Gel Polish Dryers Harmful To Your Skin?

Both UV and LED lamps emit very small amounts of UV rays. While overexposure to UV rays has been known to cause damage to the skin, studies have found that the amount of UV rays emitted by a UV or LED lamp is very minimal, and therefore nail lamps are safe to use.

We've written a fantastic blog on this topic that helpfully explains the difference between LED & UV lamps and the type of light they emit. 

What's The Difference Between UV & LED Nail Lamps?

LED lamps use similar - but more efficient technology than a UV lamp. LED lamps set polish in under half the time of UV lamps. They do not generate heat or emit UVAs or UVBs. UV lamps also require you to replace bulbs, unlike an LED lamp. 

Read our UV vs Nail lamp guide, which covers this in more detail and looks at price comparison between UV and LED nail maps.

Can You Cure Gel Polish With A Hairdryer?

No, you cannot use any nail products with a hairdryer, and this is something you should avoid at all costs. Hairdryers can actually do more damage to your nails than good. If you want to dry them properly, you should always use a UV or LED lamp and never use a hair dryer with gel or regular varnish or polish. It's the light that cures the gel, so the heat won't cure gel polish. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Nails Dry With A Nail Dryer?

An LED lamp, like our Mylee Pro Salon Series Convex LED Lamp, can take as little as 15 seconds to cure your nail polish. UV lamps, on the other hand, take a little bit longer. Our Mylee White 36W UV Lamp takes just 120 seconds. We recommend any of our Mylee lamps as they are of excellent value and high quality. 

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