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5 Must-See Nail Trends From London Fashion Week AW 2023

London Fashion Week has come to a close, and boy, have we been inspired!

Some of the biggest and brightest names in the fashion and beauty industry took centre stage at this year's autumn/winter London Fashion Week. From fashion giants Burberry presenting their first collection under new Creative Director Daniel Lee, to young and fresh designer Chet Lo with his new bold and innovative knitwear line – we were truly graced with an array of influential fashion and beauty.

While most people were taking in the incredible work of the London Fashion Week designers on show, we were busy taking notes on the nail trends that graced the catwalk.

After all, what better way to know what will be hot this year than from the best in the nail game?

We've had our eyes peeled all weekend for the nail trends that we think we're going to be seeing a lot of this year. We know we're definitely going to be using these designs for our nail inspo!

Here are the best nail trends from London Fashion Week AW 2023:

Clear and Black Ombre Nails

Credit: @yuikaaanails 

First up on our list of London Fashion Week nail trends are these simple but stunning black ombré nails on display at the Chet Lo show. We love an ombré nail design as much as the next person, but this black ombre design is a clever twist on the classic.

These claws were created by London-based Japanese nail artist Yuika and feature a simple black ombre tip with a clear nail base, giving a totally modern and edgy look.

 The stiletto nail shape is something we noticed a lot on this year's LFW models, and it works incredibly well with this set.

We think we're going to be seeing a lot of this clear and black ombre nail trend, and you could totally try out different variations, like switching out the black for a brighter colour.

How to Recreate Using Mylee Gel Nail Products

As much as we'd all love to have a top nail technician on standby to replicate the looks from London Fashion Week, it's just not the case.

Luckily, though, you can easily recreate these London Fashion Week nails using Mylee's gel polish – and we're going to tell you how!

You need:

Start off with your usual nail prep routine and apply your Fix'n'Flash Stiletto Tips securely to each of your nails. (Read our Fix'n'Flash Tips blog post for detailed info on how to apply your gel extension tips)

Apply a layer of No Wipe Base Coat to your nail tips and cure under your UV or LED curing lamp.

You'll then want to take your Stalker Gel Polish and apply a very thin coat to the tips of your nails. Taking the rounded end of your Sponge Applicator, lightly tap the sponge onto your nail, slightly moving it up and down the surface of your nail to create a blurred effect.

Once you're happy, cure the layer of gel polish, then apply a thin layer of No Wipe Top Coat and cure again.

Now, you've got stunning black ombre nails that are fit for the catwalk (or your run to the supermarkets – but who are we to judge?)

Striped Nails

Credit: @yuikaaanails

Another set of nails spotted at the Chet Lo show this year were these unique striped bad boys.

We can't get over how stunning these mountain-peak shape nails are – and they seem so simple!

Yuika designed two different blood red and cyan-blue versions of this nail design, and both look amazing with the black outer edge.

How to Recreate Using Mylee Gel Nail Products

To recreate Yuika's LFW striped nails using Mylee's products, you'll need:

Prep your nails and stick your Fix'n'Flash Tips firmly to your nails. Start off by applying a layer of No Wipe Base Coat to your gel nail extensions and cure under your curing lamp.

Then take your As Red As It Gets or Guilty Pleasure Gel Polish – depending on which version of this striped nail design you plan to go for – and apply a coat to your nails, curing after application.

Repeat this process to build up the opacity of your gel polish colour, curing between layers.

Once you have your desired colour opacity, you need to take your Stalker Gel Polish and apply a thin line down the outer edges of your nails. Using your Sponge Applicator, lightly tap the black gel polish, creating an almost-ombre effect.

You can repeat this process, applying black gel polish to the outer edges of your nails until you have achieved a subtle blend between the colour and black.

Once you're happy, cure your striped nails under your lamp. Apply a layer of No Wipe Top Coat to finish off your look and cure again.

And there you have it – London Fashion Week nails made simple!

Black and Gold Nails

Credit: @simmy_nailsandbeauty

It was pretty hard not to miss these shimmering nails at the Harris Reed show, and we're pretty confident this is going to make it onto the 2023 nail trends list (it's already on our list, that's for sure).

Nail artist Simone (Simmy) Cummings created an array of shimmery black and gold nails for Reed's London Fashion Week models, and they definitely took centre stage.

The combination of golf lead and gold nail confetti work in combination to create gorgeously creative nails.

How to Recreate Using Mylee Gel Nail Products

To create these stunning nails for yourself, you'll need:

As always, follow your normal nail prep routine and apply your Fix'n'Flash Tips to your nails, making sure that they are bonded to your nail surface securely.

Start with a layer of No Wipe Base Coat and cure under your nail lamp. Next, apply a layer of Stalker Gel Polish, and cure your nails again.

Repeat this step to build up opacity, curing between coats.

Now comes the fun part, and you can get totally creative here! You'll want to first apply the gold leaf to your tacky nail surface. Then, apply your All That Glitters in Talented, using the Sponge Applicator to pick up the gold nail confetti.

This part doesn't have to be neat – the more random the placement, the better! Once you've finished applying the gold nail confetti, apply a layer of No Wipe Top Coat to encapsulate the nail glitter and cure a final time under your lamp.

These black and gold nails are fab for any occasion that calls for a glam moment!

Black-Tipped French Manicure

Credit: @mclnailartist

As well as bold and striking nail designs, we also picked up on some more subtle nail trends, like this black tipped french manicure from the Edward Crutchley show.

Nail artist Marie-Louise Coster worked her magic on this alternative classic french mani – and we love it!

It's so simple yet so effective, and it worked wonders on the London Fashion Week catwalk.

How to Recreate Using Mylee Gel Nail Products

One of the things we love the most about this black-tipped french manicure is how easy they are to recreate at home – you really don't have to be a nail pro!

You'll need:

Following on from your nail prep routine, apply a coat of No Wipe Base Coat and cure under your curing lamp.

Start with your Solo Act Gel Polish to get that perfect nude base. You can apply as many layers as you like to achieve the perfect colour and opacity, curing in between coats.

Then, once you have achieved your desired nude base, you can start working on those black french tips. We recommend using either a nail art brush for the easiest method here. 

Dip your nail art brush into your Stalker Gel Polish and draw your french tip, taking time to create a smooth and sleek line.

Repeat this process on all of your nails, and cure under your nail lamp. To finish off, seal your black tipped french manicure with a layer of No Wipe Top Coat – and viola, your perfect black tipped french manicure!

Watercolour Nails

Credit: @amaquashie

Last – but absolutely not least – on our London Fashion Week nail trends list are these incredible sets of tortoiseshell slash watercolour nails we spotted at the Ahluwalia show.

We're not one to pick favourites, but these truly are amazing. Okay, well, maybe we're picking favourites just this once!

Manicurist Ama Quashie created these two sets of square-shaped watercolour nails – one green and blue, the other a burnt orange and brown.

We think watercolour nails like these are going to be a big hit in the world of nails, so it's only right that we tell you how you can recreate these at home.

How to Recreate Using Mylee Gel Nail Products

You'll need:

Following your nail prep, apply a layer of No Wipe Base Coat to your nails and cure. Then, apply one coat of Break The Ice Gel Polish, curing again.

Next, apply a second coat of your white gel polish, but don't cure. Take the remaining four MyGel colours listed out above and pour a little onto a mixing palette.

Take your nail art brush and dip it into one of the gel polish colours, and brush lightly onto your nail in multiple places – this doesn't have to be neat. Clean off your brush and repeat the process for each gel colour.

Then, using your clean nail art brush, start to blend the edges of the different shades to create a watercolour effect. Once you're happy with your design, cure under your lamp and finish off your London Fashion Week nails with a layer of No Wipe Top Coat.

Is 2023 the Year of Bold, Beautiful Nails?

As we reminisce on yet another London Fashion Week, we can't help but admire the amazing nail trends created by this year's talented nail artists.

From glammed nails to black-tipped French manis and watercolour nails, there was nail inspiration at every turn. And if there's one thing we've taken away from this week, it's that statement nails and natural nails are equally making their way into the 2023 spotlight.

With Mylee's gel polish, you can treat your nails to salon-worthy colours and designs from your home.

Head over to our blog or check out our socials to see some more of our nail inspiration, tips and tricks!


What are the 4 main fashion weeks?

The four main fashion weeks are New York, London, Milan and Paris. These events take place twice a year to showcase the best and most creative fashion and beauty.

What is the hottest nail trend right now?

Neutral-colour nails are definitely one of the biggest nail trends right now. From pinky nudes to warm browns, there are so many ways to create stunning neutral nails.

What is the nail colour for 2023?

One nail colour we noticed time and time again at London Fashion Week was black nail polish. Whether it was a full manicure or a French tip, black seemed to be a running theme, so it's clear that we can expect a lot of this colour in 2023.

How can I recreate fashion week nails at home?

Recreating fashion week nails at home is made easy with Mylee's Gel Nail products. With a range of stunning colours, you can follow our step-by-step tutorials and create some beautiful nail looks in no time.

Plus, we've got a whole array of nail inspo in our blog posts and on our social media pages, so be sure to check them out!

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