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Say Goodbye To Weak Nails! Our Builder Gel Kit For Life-Proof Nails

Written by: Merilin Notton



Time to read 7 min

Long gone are the days of having to worry about weak, brittle nails that look anything but beautiful. Our Builder Gel in a bottle range is a cult-favourite amongst our customers and is guaranteed to transform your nails into strong, life-proof ones!

And what's exciting is that we're adding to this range! Three new shades, a trio of our new shades and a trio of our existing shades of Builder Gels have just landed, so you have even more reason to give your nails a special treat.

If you're looking for gel nail extensions to add length and strength, or nail gel extensions for a more natural look, our Builder Gel is a perfect choice. Our Builder Gel in a bottle will transform your nails in no time.

So, if you've been searching for the best way to get beautiful, life-proof nails, you're in the right place!

What is Builder Gel?

If you've never heard of Builder Gel, here's the lowdown: it is a type of nail enhancement that helps strengthen and extend your natural nails.

It is one of the strongest yet lightest nail gels available, so you can be sure to get long-lasting nail extensions without having to worry about them breaking or chipping.

But our Builder Gel in a bottle does a whole lot more than that! From attaching gems and decals to acting as a base coat to encapsulating nail glitter, our Builder Gels are versatile and easy to work with.

We've got a whole blog post answering your most-asked questions about our 5-in-1 Builder Gel, so make sure to check it out for more info.

Why We Love Builder Gel Extensions

Our Builder Gel really is special. The versatility and strength means that it is suitable for everyone, no matter your nail type.

We could create a whole list of reasons why you should give it a try, but here are the key takeaways:

Creates Easy Life-Proof Nail Extensions without Going to the Salon

Our builder gel in a bottle is completely life-proof. Your Builder Gel manicure won't budge, so you can say goodbye to chipping and breaking nails.

When you cure your Builder Gel under a UV or LED lamp, it'll stay firmly attached to your nail, allowing you to do the things you wouldn't be able to with a set of regular nail extensions.

Strengthens and Protects your Natural Nails

Nobody likes having weak, brittle nails and with our Builder Gel, you don't have to worry about that.

The Builder Gel provides a strong, protective layer over your natural nails, keeping them safe from anything life throws your way! This will let your natural nails grow freely and healthily.

In just a few weeks, your natural nails will be just as long as your gel nail extensions!

The Triple Threat! Introducing Our New Builder Gel Colours

We promised three new shades, and here they are!

Our three new shades are the perfect way to bring a subtle and natural touch of colour to your nails, still with all the power of our Builder Gel.

Mylee 5-in-1 Builder Gel French Rose 15ml

Create your nail dreams with Mylee 5-in-1 French Rose Builder Gel!

This builder gel in a bottle is giving a natural and beautifully subtle shade of elegant rose pink. Strengthen and lengthen your nails by up to an additional 1cm, or make it extra glam with jewels, decals and glitter encapsulation.

With this builder gel, you'll have the confidence to take on anything!

Mylee 5-in-1 Builder Gel Laid Bare 15ml

Get the look of beautiful, healthy nails you thought were out of reach with this classy nude Builder Gel in a bottle shade.

Not only does this builder gel strengthen and naturally lengthen your nails by up to 1 cm, but its classy nude tone will freshen up any look.

Spice it up – encase glitter for extra bling or decorate it accordingly – and put your own unique stamp on your nail designs!

Mylee 5-in-1 Builder Gel Blush 15ml

With a beautiful blush pink hue, this builder gel is the perfect way to enhance the style of your natural nails. It's the perfect choice for when you want to achieve long-lasting and beautiful nails without overpowering your look.

Plus, it will also strengthen and extend your natural nail length by up to 1cm – so you can get salon-level results at home!

But we're not stopping there! Say hello to our new Builder Gel Kit Trios!

Mylee 5-in-1 Builder Gel Au Naturel Trio

The Au Naturel Builder Gel Kit contains:

  • Mylee Builder Gel French Rose

  • Mylee Builder Gel Laid Bare

  • Mylee Builder Gel Blush

Because we love our new shades of Builder Gel in a bottle so much, we've bundled them together in this Au Naturel Trio!

These natural shades are ideal for anyone who wants to achieve long-lasting and stunning nails without overpowering their look – perfect if you want to keep it simple or don't want to make a salon trip.

Mylee 5-in-1 Builder Gel Just Peachy Trio

The Just Peachy Builder Gel Kit contains:

  • Mylee Builder Gel Clear

  • Mylee Builder Gel Light Pink

  • Mylee Builder Gel Peach

We had to give some love to our original Builder Gel shades, so here's the Just Peachy Trio!

These fragrant peach and pink tones will give you stunning nails with a subtle hint of colour. Perfect for those who want to keep their nails looking fresh all year round.

Our Tips on How to Remove Builder Gel at Home

Of course, there will come a time when you need to remove your Builder Gel nail extensions. No need to worry – here are our tips on how to do it safely and easily at home:

  1. Buff the surface of the nails with a nail file firmly – the surface must be opened up to penetrate the UV lacquer – but be careful not to damage the nail!

  2. Once most of the Builder Gel has been buffed off, soak a cotton pad with Mylee Gel Remover or 100% acetone and place it onto the nail plate. You should secure it with a foil wrap or clip.

  3. After 10 to 15 minutes, pull the cotton pads off your nails, and gently push away any loose product with a cuticle pusher or orange stick.

  4. If any Builder Gel remains on the nail, re-buff and re-wrap the nail.

  5. Once all of the Builder Gel has successfully been removed, apply cuticle oil and hand cream to hydrate your nails.

Alternatively, you can choose to infill your gel nail extensions, saving you time and effort. Infilling your Builder Gel means you don't need to remove your existing manicure and start again.

To infill your Builder Gel:

  1. File down the top of your nails firmly – but gently so as not to damage your nails – to remove the bulk of your Builder Gel.

  2. Push back your cuticles and remove any dead white skin using cuticle nippers.

  3. Buff your natural nail being infilled so that the Builder Gel has something to grip to.

  4. Use a nail wipe to remove any dust.

  5. Apply Builder Gel to each nail, starting at the end of the nail. Push the Builde Gel towards your cuticle to infill your gel nails. Then, lightly float the gel over the rest of your nail.

  6. Cure each nail under a UV or LED lamp.

Level Up Your Nail Gel Extensions Game with Mylee's New Builder Gel Kits and Colours!

Builder Gel has just gotten better! 

Now you can get salon-quality results at home with Mylee's newest Builder Gels, available in three new single shades and two trios.

Choose from a range of nude, pink and peach shades to create stunning nail gel extensions that will last you up to 3 weeks at a time. Not only do they look amazing, but they will also strengthen and nurture your natural nails too!

We're all about easy and convenient beauty, and with Mylee's Builder Gel, you can now have it all! 

Get your hands (and nails!) on the perfect gel nail extensions today.


Is builder in a bottle good for your nails?

Yes, builder gel is great for your nails! As well as providing you with beautiful manicures that last up to 3 weeks, it's also designed to nourish and strengthen your natural nails too.

How long does builder gel last?

Mylee's Builder Gel can last up to 3 weeks with proper application and maintenance. After this time, you can either remove your extensions (we recommend using our Gel Remover to remove your Builder Gel) or infill your gel nails.

How do you use builder gel?

Our 5-in-1 Builder Gel can be used in, well, five different ways! Lengthen your nails up to 1cm, attach gems and decals, encapsulate glitter, strengthen your natural nails and use it as a base or top coat for your MyGel colours. The possibilities are endless!

How do you use Builder Gel?

To remove Builder Gel, buff the surface of the nails with a nail file firmly to penetrate the UV lacquer. Once most of the Builder Gel has been buffed off, soak a cotton pad with Mylee Gel Remover and place it onto the nail plate and secure it with a foil wrap.

After 10 to 15 minutes, firmly pull the pads off your nails and gently remove any loose product with a cuticle pusher or orange stick. If any Builder Gel remains on the nail, repeat the process.

Merilin Notton

Merilin Notton

As the Head of Brand at Mylee, Merilin is a seasoned beauty industry professional with a strong passion for nail art. 

With a background as a licensed beautician and a track record of shaping and elevating beauty brands, Merilin is dedicated to empowering individuals to express themselves through nail art, making them a driving force behind Mylee's success in the beauty industry.


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