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'Celebrate The Luck O' The Irish With Our 7 St. Patrick's Day Nail Ideas!

It's time to celebrate the Irish and get your nails into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day! Green nail designs are an absolute must for this Patron Saint's holiday – there's no other way to properly show your love for the Emerald Isle!

Whether you want to go full-on Irish or just add a hint of green to get in the spirit, our team have been busy putting together 7 of our favourite St. Patrick's Day nail ideas. Seven only seemed like the right number for this day o' luck!

All of these green nail designs can be recreated using our top-notch Mylee gel polish and nail products, so make sure you're stocked up with everything you need to get your nails holiday ready!

Let's get into it!

Glitter Shamrock Nails

If you prefer a more subtle nail design, then this first look is definitely for you.

Here we've created a green cat-eye French tip nail and four-leaf clover accent nail. It's glittery, it's green and it's cute – what more could you want?

For these St. Patrick's Day nails, you'll need:

Follow your usual nail prep routine to get your nails primed and ready for gel polish application (a good mani always starts with a good base!).

Then, apply a layer of Builder Gel in Blush (a gorgeous blush pink shade). You can choose to sculpt your nails out for longer length or just keep your nails their natural length – you can read all about our tips and tricks for using our Builder Gel in our blog post right here).

Cure your Builder Gel under your UV or LED lamp. After that, you'll want to take your Pisces Cat Eye Polish and paint a layer onto your fore fingernail and little fingernail. Use the Magnet Duo Tool to move around the magnetic particles in the polish to create a mesmerising cat-eye effect, curing once you're happy.

To create the four-leaf clover, simply dip your Dotting Tool into the Cat Eye Polish and create 8 small dots in a circle on your ring and thumb fingernail. Now, using a nail art brush, you'll want to drag each dot inwards, creating the shape of a clover.

Also use your nail art brush and the Pisces Cat Eye Polish to draw a French tip onto your middle fingernail. Again, you can use the Magnet Duo Tool to create a cat-eye effect on your French tip.

Cure your designs under your lamp, and finish off with a layer of No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish.

And that's it! You have your beautiful, subtle St. Patrick's Day nail designs ready for the pub or wherever you're going to show off your Irish pride.

Hot Pink St. Patrick's Day Nails

Now, we know we said green nail designs are an absolute must on St. Patrick's Day, but we love to experiment, and the results of this next look are too good not to share!

Here, we've created a hot pink mani paired with a classic shamrock design. If you love to go bold with your nails, then this look is for you!

To create these stunning Saint Patrick's Day nails, you'll need:

How to Recreate:

Once your nails are prepped and ready to go, apply your Fix'n'Flash Tips.

These tips will help to create an almond shape on your nails and give you a longer nail length – just what you need for this look. Our blog post here will give you everything you need to know when it comes to applying our Fix'n'Flash Tips.

After buffing and cleansing your gel nail extensions, apply a coat of Peony Gel Polish to all of your nail tips! We'd recommend applying 2-3 layers here to really make the colour pop. Just make sure you cure your polish in between each coat.

Next, you can get started on creating the shamrocks. Simply follow the same steps we laid out for the first look, but using your Green There Done That Gel Polish.

Cure your design once you're happy with the turnout. Then, dip your nail art brush into your Break The Ice Gel Polish and draw an outline around the shamrocks to really make them pop! Cure once again.

You can then apply your final No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish layer. And you're done!

Who knew hot pink and St. Paddy's Day could be such a winning combo?!

Gold and Green Tartan Nail Design

Another mani for the subtle nail lovers!

This tartan-inspired nail design is perfect for anyone who wants to show their Irish pride without overdoing it. Plus, the combination of green and gold is the perfect pairing!

To recreate these St. Patrick's Day Nails, you'll need:

How to Recreate:

Prep your nails using all the good stuff from our nail care collection to get them primed and ready.

Before you start your design, apply a layer of Peach Builder Gel to each nail and cure it under your lamp.

For the tartan design, use Green Velvet, Gelato and Goldylocks Gel Polishes, dipping a nail art brush into each one to draw the lines of the tartan. Cure your design once you're happy.

Now you can move on to the rest of your nails, creating French tips using Gelato to draw the tip and then Green Velvet and Goldy Locks to draw out thin lines meeting in the middle. This adds a little extra bling and colour to your nails!

Use your Pistachio and Deep Olive Gel Polish to create the shamrock designs on your nails without the tartan, following the same steps as the looks before.

Cure your final designs and apply a layer of No Wipe Top Coat to finish off your mani.

There you have it! Irish-inspired green and gold tartan nails, perfect for the lucky day.

Nude Shamrock Nails

This look is great for anyone who loves a nude mani but still wants to get in on the St Patrick's Day fun.

To recreate these shamrock nails, you'll need:

How to Recreate:

Prep your nails following your prepping routine, and apply your Fix'n'Flash Tips to your nails.

Now, this look follows exactly the same steps as our hot pink nails, but you'll want to use Say It In French Gel Polish for the base of your mani.

Once you've got your nude polish laid down, you can follow all the same steps as before, creating shamrocks with your Green Velvet Polish, outlining them with Break The Ice and curing each step of the way!

Dainty Olive Green Nails

We love the tartan design so much that we had to create another version of it! This time using a cute olive green gel polish – perfect for a dainty St. Patrick's Day mani.

We also added in some little heart nail art to add to the look.

To recreate these cute St. Patrick's Day nails, you'll need:

  • Mylee Builder Gel Peach 15ml
  • Mylee Pistachio Gel Polish 10ml
  • Mylee Break The Ice Gel Polish 10ml
  • Mylee No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish 15ml
  • Mylee Dotting Tool
  • Nail art brush

How to Recreate:

Use your Builder Gel in the shade Peach to sculpt out square-shaped nails (after prepping your nails) and cure under your nail lamp.

First, we'll start with the olive green gel polish. Use your Dotting Tool to create a cute three-leaf clover on your index fingernail, creating a heart-like shape for each of the leaves. You can also use your Dotting Tool to create the little hearts on your pinky and thumb fingernail too, using a nail art brush to join the 2 dots together to create a heart shape.

Then, switch to your nail art brush to create the beginning of a tartan pattern on your middle and ring fingernails, as we have in the photo above. Cure your mani so far under your UV or LED lamp.

After that, you'll want to take your Break The Ice Gel Polish and your clean nail art brush. Complete the tartan pattern by drawing lines across each of your middle and ring fingernails. We've also added in some tiny diagonal lines along the edges of our tartan here to add to the nail design.

Once you're happy with the outcome, cure your mani for one final time and finish off by applying a layer of No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish!

These St Patrick's Day nails are so irresistible, and they're super easy to do!

Green Foiled Nails

Sometimes, it's the simpler things in life that bring us the most joy – just like this next nail look.

This gorgeous green foiled mani is perfect for the glam gal who loves a bit of sparkle and shine on her nails. And they take no time at all to do!

To recreate these foil St. Patrick's Day nails, you'll need:

  • Mylee Fix'n'Flash Tips – Short Square
  • Green Nail Foil from Mylee Assorted Nail Art Foils
  • Mylee Base Coat Gel Polish 15ml
  • Mylee Foil Gel 15ml
  • Mylee No Wipe Top Coat 15ml

How to Recreate:

Prep your nails as usual, and apply your Fix'n'Flash Tips. Paint a layer of Base Coat to your nails and cure with a LED or UV lamp.

Now, you'll want to apply a layer of Foil Gel and cure under your UV or LED lamp. 

Top tip! Use a bright green nail polish (we recommend Green There Done That) underneath your foil gel, so if there are any parts of your nail that don’t get covered by the foil, you’ll still have a green colour underneath. Be sure to cure this layer, too.

After that, you can start applying the nail foil!

Take a section of your green nail foil and cut it to the right size so that it covers the whole of your nail surface. Rub the foil onto your nail to adhere and transfer, then lift off!

Finish by applying a layer of No Wipe Top Coat straight onto the nail and cure a final time.

Even though this mani takes only minutes to do, the result is stunning! You'll be twinkling away with your green foiled St. Patrick's Day nails all day long.

Spotted Pastel Green Nails

Last up on our list of St. Patrick's Day nails is this pastel green spotted mani. Not only are these nails perfect for celebrating this day, but the pastel green shades fit in nicely with the spring season.

To recreate these beautiful spotted nails, you'll need:

  • Mylee Fix'n'Flash Tips – Long Almond
  • Mylee Pistachio Gel Polish 10ml
  • Mylee Break The Ice Gel Polish 10ml
  • Mylee Deep Olive Gel Polish 10ml
  • Myee No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish 15ml
  • Mylee Dotting Tool

How to Recreate:

Once you've prepped your nails and applied your Fix'n'Flash Tips, apply Pistachio Gel Polish. It's best to apply 2-3 coats to build up the opacity and really make the colour pop

Remember to cure in between each coat!

Now, take your Break The Ice Gel Polish and Dotting Tool, and create small white dots all over your nails. You can opt to create a pattern or just do random dots – whatever you prefer! Once you're done with this step, cure your nails under your UV or LED lamp.

Now, use a nail art brush, your Dotting Tool and your Deep Olive Gel Polish to create the clovers – just use the same steps as before.

Once you're happy with the turnout, cure your mani one final time and apply a layer of No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish.

And that's all there is to it – an easy, beautiful spotted St. Patrick's Day Mani!

Create a Shamrock-tastic Mani with Mylee's St. Patrick's Day Nails!

Whether you recreate one of our St. Patrick's day nail ideas we've laid out above, or you decide to take inspiration and go create your own nail art, make sure you use Mylee gel nail polish and tools to create a mani that looks like you're fresh out the salon.

Plus, you can get free UK standard delivery on all orders over £25 – so you can create your St Paddy's Day nails without having to worry about last-minute shipping fees! How lucky!


+ What colour nails should I do for St. Patrick's Day?

It might seem like the obvious choice, but green nails are definitely the go-to for St. Patricks Day. Embrace the Irish holiday with emerald greens, olive greens and grass greens – all of which you can find right here at Mylee!

+ How do you do shamrock nails?

Shamrock nails are actually super easy to create! Using our Dotting Tool, dot 8 spots of green gel polish onto your nail. Then, use a nail art brush to draw lines between the dots to create a shamrock motif. You can then finish off the rest of your mani, setting your design with a UV or LED lamp, and you're good to go!

+ What is an easy St. Patrick's Day nail design?

An easy and classic St. Patrick's Day nail idea is shamrock nails. You can use classic emerald green nail polish, or mix it up with green glitter nail polish to make it more festive!.

+ What colour looks good with green nails?

Neutral tones, like beige and white, look fab with almost any shade of green nail polish. You could totally mix and match different shades of green, too, to create a multichromatic nail look.

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