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Master Your French Mani With Mylee's Silicone Nail Stamper

Written by: Ellie Simmons



Time to read 7 min

French manis are, without a doubt, one of the most popular types of nail art. But getting the perfect French tip can be a little finicky.

Especially if you're new to doing your own nails, getting that sharp, precise tip can take a bit of time to master – and even the home mani maestros amongst us find it doesn't always go according to plan every time.

We've got a pretty simple solution: our Stamp It Out silicone nail stamper.

What are French Nail Stampers?

French nail stampers, like the Mylee Stamp It Out tool, are silicone cushions that can be used to perfect French tip nail art.

The gel polish is painted onto the surface of the stamper, and then the stamper is gently pressed onto the tip of the nail to achieve an expertly even French line.

It takes out any of the fiddly work when you're using a nail art brush (not everyone can master the art of a steady hand, but props to you if you can!), and the stamper also ensures the perfect curve and shape of the French tip.

You can create different types of French tips, too. Whether you prefer the classic curved French tip, a micro French line, or even an asymmetrical tip for something a bit different – you can achieve all of these with a silicone nail stamper.

Our Stamp It Out Silicone Nail Stamper is the Ultimate French Mani Hack

Aside from achieving clean French tips every time, our new Stamp It Out silicone stamper also has some other amazing benefits.

The cushion is made from soft, flexible silicone that makes stamping nail polish onto your nails a breeze. And because of the material, it won't break easily (but still take care when stamping and don't press your nail too deep into the cushion).

It's also incredibly easy to clean. Just take a lint-free wipe soaked in our Prep & Wipe, and you can quickly remove any excess polish from the surface.

The stamper is even detachable, so you can replace it when needed.

  • Easily achieve perfect French tips

  • Precise application

  • Spare silicone cushion included

How to Use a Nail Stamper for French Tips: Our Simple Step-by-Step

When we say it's easy to use our silicone nail stamper, we mean it's easy. You can achieve professional-looking nails with just a few simple steps.

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Step 1) Prep Your Nails for Gel Nail Polish

Before you start your nail stamping, you'll obviously need to get your natural nails ready for polish.

Once you have trimmed your cuticles, filed your nail shape and buffed, cleansed and dehydrated your nail plate, you can go ahead and apply a layer of Mylee Base Coat Gel Polish

Cure this coat underneath a Mylee LED Lamp for 30-60 seconds.

Step 2) Apply Your Chosen Base Nail Colour

If you want to create a classic French mani, you'll want to use a nude gel polish colour that closely matches your skin tone.

Our French Me Kit includes a sheer nude base that suits a variety of skin tones and is the perfect base for your French mani (not to mention the kit also comes with a white nail polish and our Stamp It Out silicone nail stamper for mastering your nail tips).

You don't have to go classic, though.

Choose a bold colour to make your French mani pop. Deep reds, bright pinks, and pastel shades all look beautiful with a classic French tip.

Whichever Mylee shade you go for, apply the polish to your nails and cure underneath your lamp at the same time. 

You might want to apply a few coats of polish to build up the opacity – remember to cure in between each layer.

Step 3) Stamp It Out With the Silicone Nail Stamper

Once your base colour is down, it's time to get stampin' and achieve a perfectly aligned French tip.

The Mylee Stamp It Out stamper comes with a curved edge, so you can create a perfectly rounded French tip.

Apply 1-2 swipes of your chosen French tip colour onto the silicone stamper. Then, press the tip of your nail into the stamper at a 45-degree angle.

For Micro French Tips...

If you want to go for a minimalistic micro French mani, only apply a small amount of pressure to the stamper when pressing it onto your nail. This will help you achieve a thinner French tip.

For Classic French Tips...

For a classic French tip, press firmly when stamping the polish onto your nail – this will help you create an even thicker line of polish.


The silicone stamper is clear, so you can see how thick the tip is that you're creating. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure; otherwise, you'll risk a messy nail.

Step 4) Cure Your Tips

When you're happy with your French tips, you can cure them underneath the Mylee lamp for 30-60 seconds.

If you want to add any extra nail art to your look, then this is the time to do it – we've got some inspo for you in a little bit!

Step 5) Finish Off With a Top Coat – et Voilà!

Once you're happy with your final French manicure, apply a layer of No Wipe Top Coat to your nails and cure it for 30-60 seconds.

This will seal in your design and help keep your nails chip and nick-free for up to 3 weeks.

You can also nourish your nails and cuticles using our Sweet Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil.

French Mani Inspo Using Our Silicone Nail Stamper

Now you're clued up with how to use our Stamp It Out stamper to create the perfect French mani – let's talk about what you can do with it.

We put our team to the test to see what nail looks they could come up with using our stamper, and we weren't disappointed!

Yellow French Mani

For a refreshing burst of colour, this yellow French mani is perfect!

 It's beautiful for summer, but you can also wear it to brighten up your winter, too.

Hot Pink French Tips

For a sassy nail look, why not try out this hot pink French mani? It's ideal for channelling your inner diva.

Green French Tips

You'll be the envy of all your friends with this eye-catching green French mani.

Gel polish used for this look: Mylee So Far So Green Gel Polish

The OG French Mani

The classic and original French mani never fails. It's the perfect clean set to go for if you want an elegant and timeless look.

Celestial French Tips

A beautiful out-of-this-world mani created by using our Stamp It Out silicone stamper and our new autumn/winter '23 gel polish collection.

el polish used for this look: Mylee Dystopia, Solar FlareMars RockLunaShut Up And DriveXOXO Gel Polishes

Unlock the Ultimate French Mani Hack

If you're looking for an easy way to create flawless French mani nails, then our Stamp It Out silicone nail stamper is the mess-free solution you've been searching for.

This simple tool takes out all of the fiddly work and makes perfecting your French tip super easy.

Whether you go classic or choose a bold colour to make your mani pop, you can unlock your nail art potential and create beautiful French manis with the help of Mylee.


How does a silicone nail stamper work?

A silicone nail stamper is a cushion that can be used to perfect French tip nail art. The gel polish is painted onto the surface of the stamper, and then the stamper is gently pressed onto the nail to achieve expertly straight French tips.

Why is my stamper not picking up the nail polish?

If you find your polish is slipping off the stamper cushion, you can always try very lightly buffing the surface of the stamper with a buffing block to give it a bit of grit. Be careful not to rip or tear the cushion, though.

Do I need to prep my French nail stamper?

You don't need to do anything to the silicone stamper before getting to work. Just apply 1-2 swipes of your chosen gel polish and stamp it out!

How do you use a nail stamper for beginners?

First, apply a layer of your chosen base nail colour and cure for 30-60 seconds. Then, apply 1-2 swipes of the French tip colour onto the silicone stamper and press it onto your nail at a 45-degree angle. Once you're happy with your tips, cure under a Mylee LED Lamp. Finish off your mani with any extra nail art or colours, and seal in your design with a Top Coat, curing for a final time.

Ellie Simmons

Ellie is the Brand Manager at Mylee, where she immerses herself in all things gel nails. 

Alongside being a skilled and certified nail technician, Ellie's expertise extends to gel manicures and nail extensions. Her heart and soul are devoted to all things nail-related, and she loves flaunting her own long, natural nails with captivating nail art. 

Ellie's ultimate favourites are iridescent and sparkly designs

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