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Brush Up on Your Nail Game with Mylee's New Nail Art Brushes

We're about to help you take your nail game up a level with our latest and greatest product launch: a whole collection of new nail art brushes!

This one has been in the works for a while, and we're so excited we finally get to share it with you. Our new nail art brushes are about to become your wingman for creating stunning nail designs, and we've rigorously tried and tested each and every brush to make sure they perform exactly as you need them to.

We're here to give a little extra info on our new single brushes and brush sets, as well as all our tips on how to use them and clean them for the best possible results.

We don't want to keep you waiting any longer, so let's get into it!

Tell Us, What are the Different Types of Nail Art Brushes?

In total, we've created 7 different nail art brushes, all serving different purposes.

The one thing they do have in common, though, is that each one has a beautiful, ergonomic design with metallic detailing that's comfortable to hold and easy to manoeuvre, which is precisely what you want for nail art. All of the bristles are synthetic, too.

Let us introduce our range of new brushes:

Mylee 12mm Ultra Fine Brush

Starting us off is our 12mm Ultra Fine Brush. The 12mm long brush hairs are ultra slim, so you can get really precise lines, perfect for stripy nail designs. It’s also great for filling in tiny gaps in shapes.

Mylee 7mm Ultra Fine Brush

Just like our 12mm brush, the 7mm has ultra-fine bristles for achieving that same precision and detailing – just with shorter-length hairs. The 7mm Ultra Fine Brush can be used for any and every type of art on your nails, but its speciality is creating perfect smile lines and French tips.

Mylee 9mm Fine Brush

The 9mm Fine Brush is about to become your new nail art best friend! This brush is totally versatile thanks to its medium-length bristles. You can use it for small details, painting with wide strokes and everything in between! It does everything from creating intricate designs to doing full nail art looks.

Mylee 5mm Ultra Fine Brush

Next up is our 5mm Fine Brush for getting down to the nitty gritty. This is our shortest and finest brush in the collection, and it’s incredible for intricate nail designs, like swirls and ultra-thin lines.

Mylee Oval Brush

If you’re a bit of a nail perfectionist, then this one’s for you. The Oval Brush is one of the most versatile brushes in the collection. Use it for all-over polish applications, smile lines and just about anything else you can think of!


Mylee Angled Brush

Our Angled Brush is perfect for cleaning up any accidental mistakes and removing polish from the skin around your nails before curing. You can also use it to create angled and diagonal lines for your nail art, giving you a clean, precise and professional finish.

Mylee Ombre Brush

We love an ombre nail design as much as the next person, so we’ve made it even easier for you to create it. Our Ombre Brush makes creating two-toned nails a breeze, and you can use it to blend your Mylee gel polish seamlessly.

Nail Art Brush Sets, Did You Say?

We certainly did! Using our new single nail brushes, we’ve curated 2 brush sets to make it really easy for you to achieve the perfect mani. 

The Maestro Kit

For all the Mylee nail art maestros out there, this nail art brush kit contains all 7 of our new brushes for the ultimate package. The brushes are housed in a glam travel case, so you can store your nail art tools and take them wherever you go. This kit is great for nail technicians and home manicurists.

The Artiste Kit

Only want the essentials? No problem! The Artiste Kit includes the 3 most essential brushes of our collection: 7mm Ultra Fine, Oval and Angled Brushes. With these 3 brushes, you’ll be able to create a whole bunch of nail art designs. It’s perfect for nail art beginners, nail techs and home mani-ists.

How to Clean Your Nail Art Brushes

We’ve given you the tools, now it’s down to you to make sure you look after your new brushes. 

Cleaning your brushes is really important for the longevity of your nail art tools – if they aren’t given a good clean properly or regularly, they’ll become clogged with polish, resulting in messy designs and broken bristles. 

Not only that, but you’ll need to clean off the polish after each use if you’re using multiple Mylee gel polish colours for your nail art, otherwise you’ll end up mixing together shades and won’t get the results you were hoping for.

So, how do you do it?

Mylee Brush It Off! Brush Cleanser

We’ve thought of that, too! Alongside our nail brushes, we’ve created a multi-functional cleanser that’ll help maintain the bristles’ flexibility and silky texture to keep them as good as new. 

The cleanser will extend the life of your brushes, so you can keep calm and carry on creating gorgeous nail art.

How to Use Our Nail Art Brush Cleanser

To use our new Brush It Off! cleanser, simply apply a little of the product onto a mixing palette or nail wipe. Take your nail art brush to be cleaned and swirl the bristles in the cleanser. 

Be thorough but not too firm – you don’t want to damage the bristles!

Wipe off the cleanser and polish from the bristles using a nail wipe, and repeat if necessary.

The Roundup: The Best Nail Art Brushes In Town

And there you have it! Our new collection of nail brushes will make it really easy for you to create any type of nail art design your heart desires. From professional nail art maestros to beginner nail art enthusiasts, these brushes are sure to help you achieve the perfect design. 

So go ahead and get creative – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!


+ What brushes do you need for nail art?

You’ll want a variety of brushes for nail art so you can create a range of different designs and patterns. Ultra-fine and fine-bristle brushes will help you create thin lines and fill in intricate areas, whereas brushes with thicker bristles will be great for covering larger areas. Our Artiste Nail Art Brushes Kit contains 3 essential brushes you can use to create an array of nail designs – it’s perfect!

+ What is the best nail art brush for fine lines?

We recommend our 7mm Ultra Fine Brush for achieving the slimmest, most precise nail art lines. The brush is designed to hold the right amount of nail polish, and its soft, sleek bristles make it easy to create intricate designs.

+ What size brush is best for all nail art?

Our 9mm Fine Brush is one of the most versatile brushes in our range. You can create everything from small, detailed art to painting large areas. Our Oval Brush is also great for all-round nail art – its pointed tip is perfect for creating curved lines, while its flat end is ideal for filling in larger areas.

+ How do you clean nail art brushes?

Our Brush It Off! brush cleanser is fantastic for cleaning your brushes in between and after uses. Just apply a small amount of product to a mixing palette or nail wipe and swirl the bristles around in the cleanser. Wipe off the product and polish using a nail wipe, repeating if necessary.

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