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How to Use Our Nail Art Liners & Design Inspo

Written by: Merilin Notton



Time to read 6 min

If you've mastered the gel mani basics and want to level up your nail game, our nail art Liner Gels will become your new best friend.

Using our Liner Gels, you can create endless nail art designs, including French tips , stripes, swirls, and tons more. With the precision tip and our signature pigmented formula, you'll have salon-quality nail art at your fingertips and the ability to unleash your inner nail art maestro.

But how exactly do you use these magical nail art liners, you ask? We're about to reveal all.

Introducing Our Nail Art Liner Gels...

Liner Gel features our OG gel polish formula in a new narrow bottle with a built-in precise nail art brush.

Instead of using separate nail art brushes and pouring out gel polish onto a mixing palette or dipping in a separate brush, our Liner Gels are a nifty all-in-one solution . Simply untwist the bottle to reveal the thin brush applicator and pigmented gel formula.

The narrow brush allows for the ultimate control and precision when creating any design – even if you're a complete nail art beginner, these liners will have you painting like a pro in no time.

We have a spectrum of 11 shades named after our most iconic gel colours, including our cult-favourite Witching Hour, a deep black polish, and Break The Ice, a true white. The range also includes a series of bright and vibrant shades, so you can mix and match to your heart's desire – from the shimmery Goldy Locks and Silver Screen to bright shades like Candy Girl and Lilac U A Lot.

The gel is formulated with our salon-quality, long-lasting, and glossy finish, and, when cured under a Mylee LED Lamp, will last up to 3 weeks ! You'll be able to flaunt your beautiful and unique nail art for weeks on end without any chipping or peeling.

How to Use Nail Art Liners

If you've just bagged yourself one, two, or a few of our Liner Gels, you'll want to know how to use them to get the best out of them. They're super simple to use and work even more brilliantly than your standard nail art brush.

Step 1) To achieve the best results, you should apply the gel art liners over a cured coat – either a clear Base Coat or a gel colour. They can also be applied on nail extensions, like our Builder Gel, Magic Extender Gel, and Fix 'N' Flash Tips.

Step 2) When applying the polish, use smooth and slow movements to create precise and clean lines. If you do need to clean up any mistakes, simply use a clean ultra-fine nail art brush to remove any smudges or imperfections.

Nail art you can create with our Liner Gels...

  • French tips

  • Stripes

  • Swirls

  • Smile lines

  • Checkerboards

  • Flowers

  • Hearts

Step 3) Once you've created and perfected your nail art design, flash cure your nails under our Pro LED Lamp for 15 seconds. If you've used the Liner Gels to create nail art on a large surface of your nail, cure for 30 seconds instead to ensure a fully cured, long-lasting design.

Step 4) You can create more designs using other shades, but always seal in your finished look with a Top Coat, curing for a further 30 seconds under our LED Lamp.

Step 5) Apply a drop of Sweet Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil to your mani to nourish your nails.

How to Remove Your Gel Liner Nail Art

When you want to refresh your nail look, you can remove the gel liner in exactly the same way as you would regular gel polish.

Step 1) Start by buffing your nail surface with a nail file, making sure to remove the shiny top coat.

Step 2) Then, soak a nail wipe in our Gel Remover or 100% Pure Acetone and place onto your nail, securing with foil. You can also use our Gel Polish Soak Off Clips for extra hold.

Step 3) After 10-15 minutes, pull the wipes firmly and push any loose product with a Gel Scraper or orange stick.

Step 4) Re-buff and re-wrap if needed.

Step 5) Once all the gel has been removed, thoroughly wash your hands and apply our Nail & Cuticle Oil to your nails.

You can also infill your nail extensions, so you can create a new design without completely removing your gels.

Nail Art Ideas Using Our Liner Gels

So, now you're clued up on exactly how to use our gel nail art liners, it's time to get creative. There are endless design possibilities with these little bottles, and we've got a couple of our own to help get your creative juices flowing.

Recreate these designs exactly or put your own twist on them – the choice is yours!

Blue French Tips

If you've been around here before, you'll know that we love a French mani, and our Liner Gels are the perfect way to achieve this classic nail design.

Here, we've put a colourful spin on our tips, using the Santorini Rooftops Liner Gel to create this editorial-style French mani. We've opted for a beige-toned nude gel polish for the base, which really makes the blue gel liner pop. But don't be afraid to play around with different base colours.

Candy Cane Swirls

We're keeping this look in our favourites folder for when Christmas rolls around. We've used our French Cancan and Groovy Green Liner Gels to create these candy cane-esque swirls and our Break The Ice Liner shade for the French tips, creating a fun twist.

You could definitely play around with the colour combination in this look to create designs all year round, like our Buttercup and Tangerine Sorbet shades for summer or Candy Girl and Lilac U A Lot for spring nails.

Graphic Nail Art

If you want to get really playful with your nail designs, have a go at creating a mixture of nail art on each of your fingers.

Here, we've opted for a checkerboard design, some cute cloud nail art, a simple smiley, and a dainty cherry French tip, showcasing the colour Liner Gels included in our Kaleidoscope Kit set.

Monochrome Geometric Nail Art

If you prefer to keep your nails classy and sophisticated, you'll love this geometric look we've created using our Monochrome Canvas Duo. We've painted triangles using the white and black nail art liner to get this simple but chic design.

Unlock Your Creative Flair With Our Liner Gels

Our Liner Gels are a must-have in your nail art collection. They'll transform your nails into a canvas for your creative flair to shine, and you can create whatever your heart desires.

Take inspiration from our designs above or keep your eye on our socials – we're always posting new and exciting looks you can recreate with our products, and we'd love to see what you come up with!


What are gel nail art liners?

Liner Gels are narrow gel polish bottles that feature – our OG formula with new fine built-in nail art brushes. The polish is formulated using our signature polish, offering a long-lasting, salon-quality finish. The expertly designed brushes make it easy to create intricate nail art without needing to use a separate brush and give you greater control over your designs.

How long do I need to cure the Liner Gels?

You should flash cure your Liner Gels for 15 seconds under our Pro LED Lamp to achieve the best results. If you've applied the liners to a large surface area on your nails, cure for the regular 30 seconds instead.

How do I create French tips using the Liner Gels?

On a cured Base Coat or gel colour , take your chosen Liner Gel colour and untwist the bottle lid and brush. Paint a thin line across the nail tip, following the natural curve or the shape of your nail extension. Then, flash cure under a Mylee LED Lamp for 15 seconds. Lastly, apply a layer of No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish , then cure for 30 seconds.

How do I fix a mistake in my nail art?

You can take a clean nail art brush and run it over the mistake to remove the polish. You could dip the brush in a very small amount of Prep & Wipe and run the brush over the area that needs fixing.

Merilin Notton

Merilin Notton

As the Head of Brand at Mylee, Merilin is a seasoned beauty industry professional with a strong passion for nail art. 

With a background as a licensed beautician and a track record of shaping and elevating beauty brands, Merilin is dedicated to empowering individuals to express themselves through nail art, making them a driving force behind Mylee's success in the beauty industry.


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