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Mylee Fix ‘N’ Flash FAQs

Are Mylee Fix ‘N’ Flash nail tips unbreakable?

One of the biggest benefits of our Fix ‘N’ Flash Tips is their exceptional strength and resistance to snapping, thanks to their innovative soft gel formula. With that being said, they’re not entirely unbreakable, so it’s still crucial to look after your nails to make them last longer!

How long do Fix ‘N’ Flash nail extensions last?

Our Fix ‘N’ Flash Tips will last up to 3 weeks, providing you with long-lasting and beautiful nails. Always follow our recommended application steps for the best results.

How do I apply Fix ‘N’ Flash tips?

Get your nails ready with your prep usual routine by pushing back those cuticles, filing, buffing, and cleansing your nails.

Apply a small amount of Fix 'N' Flash Gel to your nail and the soft gel tip. Place the gel nail extension firmly on your natural nail. Make sure there are no bubbles or gel on the skin around it. Flash cure for 15 seconds with our LED lamp while still pressing down. Then, do a regular 60-second cure.

Why are my Fix ‘N’ Flash tips popping off and not sticking to my nails?

If your Fix ‘N’ Flash tips keep popping off or not sticking to your nails, you may not have cured them properly, or your nails haven’t been prepped correctly. Make sure you have buffed the surface of your nail bed, and you’re flash-curing the tips for 5 seconds while holding them in place, finishing with a full 60-second cure to set them properly.

Also, always make sure the tip is the right width for your natural nail bed; if it’s too small, you may find the gel tip trying to curl or pull away from your natural nails, causing them to lift off.

Can I use regular nail glue to stick my Fix ‘N’ Flash tips to my nails?

You can use both regular nail glue and Fix ‘N’ Flash Gel to adhere Fix ‘N’ Flash Tips to your nails. Our Brush On Nail Glue has a strong, long-lasting hold and is quick-drying, securing your gel tips within seconds.

We recommend using our Nail Glue if you want to pre-paint your Fix ‘N’ Flash Tips before applying them to your nails – once the extensions are painted, the light from the curing lamp can’t penetrate through the gel polish to cure them onto the nail, so you can glue them instead.

How do you infill Mylee Fix ‘N’ Flash tips?

For flawless Fix 'N' Flash infills, use our nail extension cutter, The Shortie, to trim your tips to your desired length or leave as is. Then, buff and cleanse your growth. Apply Builder Gel or Magic Extender Gel from the cuticle and float over your nail at the extension. Cure for 60 seconds under our LED Lamp.

How do you remove Fix ‘N’ Flash tips?

Start by trimming down your gel tips with The Shortie nail extension clippers. Then, gently file the gel polish on your nails using our Half Moon Nail File. Next, soak a nail wipe or cotton pad in Gel Remover or 100% Acetone and secure it with a Soak Off Clip or foil wrap.

After 10-15 minutes, remove the wrap and use the Gel Scraper to effortlessly push away the polish and gel tip from your nail bed. Repeat this process if necessary. 

To finish, wash your hands and apply our Sweet Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil to renourish your nails.

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