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New Years Nail Art To Try At Home + Up to 40% Off

It’s that time again. The New Year is fast upon us!

This year’s been a tricky one for many of us, so let’s say adiós in style, with some fabulous New Year nails for 2024.

Whether you’re planning on going out-out or you’re having a cosy one celebrating at home with friends and family, we have a polish for you!

As with any special event, the team at Mylee love an opportunity to test out new nail designs and get creative with our favourite MyGel nail polish

So, we've rounded up our 5 most favourite nail designs of the year!

Plus, we're offering up to 40% off a wide range of gel nail products from 24th December until 3rd January 2024. Shop over 250 gel nail colours and gel nail kits today! 


Glitter French Manicure

The classic French mani has been a cult favourite for many years, and this one’s no exception. Perfect for a night in or out, a French manicure is utterly chic and has that minty fresh ‘new year, new me’ look.

For an NYE-ready twist, we've combined this classic with sparkly glitter to emulate that popping champagne and those midnight fireworks.

We think silver glitter nails will set the perfect sparkly tone for your look, but choose whatever colour of glitter you fancy!

For our glitter French manicure, you’ll need:

To create this dazzling design, start by painting your nails with a layer of Mylee's Base Coat to protect them and ensure a long-lasting finish. Cure this under your LED or UV curing lamp.

You can add a nude gel polish onto your nails if you'd like too. Next, whilst your nail is tacky, take your nail art brush and dip it into the glitter. It’s now time to plot out your tip shape – you could either go for a classic French tip or make the line thinner if you prefer minimalism.

Once you’ve outlined your desired shape, take a small brush and fill the tip of your nail with your chosen glitter. Cure this layer under your LED lamp (30-60 seconds) or UV lamp (120 seconds).

Apply a coat of Builder Gel to encapsulate and seal in your sparkly French manicure. Cure this under your LED or UV lamp so your nails stay chip-resistant for up to 3 weeks.

We love these New Year nails because, sometimes, less is more!

Elegant Velvet Nails

If you're heading out to a special New Year's Eve dinner or have a bougie event planned, velvet nails will give your nails a luxe finish. 

As fancy as these New Year nails sound, they really don’t require a lot and are super easy to create at home using our magnetic cat eye gel nail polish.

The best part is you can completely tailor these nails to whatever colour you like. We have a range of beautiful cat eye gel polishes available for you to take your pick from. We think a dusky pink shade works best for a classic velvet finish.

For our elegant velvet New Year nails, you’ll need:

As always, start your New Year nails by applying a base coat and curing under an LED or UV lamp.

Next, apply a layer of your magnetic gel polish to your nails and cure under your lamp. Apply another layer and whilst it’s still wet, use your magnetic tool to create your desired design. The key here is to create a smooth, velvet-like finish.

Once you’ve achieved your desired velvet finish, seal in the design with a layer of Mylee's Top Coat and cure again under the lamp. Voila, you’re all set for pure decadence this NYE!

Beautiful Jewelled Nails

Big, beautiful and bold: that's what jewelled nails are all about! If you want to go out with a bang this New Year's Eve, jewelled nails are the way to go.

You can make these as simple or as complex as you like. From one statement jewel to a full-on bedazzled masterpiece, the choice is yours!

We've made things super easy for you because our Mylee Be Jewelled Nail Art Kit contains all the tools and jewels you need to create the perfect New Year look.

For EXTRA jewelled nails, you’ll need:

Start off by applying a layer of Mylee's Base Coat to your nails and curing under an LED or UV lamp.

Next, paint a pastel green shade of gel nail polish as your base colour and cure.

To apply the gems, apply a dot of 5-in-1 Builder Gel where you want to place the jewels, using either the dotting tool or nail art brush. Use the dotting tool to pick up and apply the gems over the top of the builder gel.

You can create patterns, mix and match the sizes of gems or keep it simple with just a few accent nails.

When you've applied your nail jewels, cure your nails under a UV or LED lamp to secure them. If you wish, you can apply another layer of 5-in-1 Builder Gel to encapsulate your design, but be sure to cure again.

Fun Confetti Nails

If there was ever a time to go all out with your nail designs, it's New Year's Eve! Get in the swing of it with fun confetti nails!

Confetti nails are perfect for party season, adding an extra sparkle and shimmer to your look. Plus, any colour combination looks fab but gold and silver glitter is the classic choice that’ll look perfect under the fireworks!

For our fun confetti nails, you will need:

Start by applying a layer of Mylee's Base Coat to your nails and curing under an LED or UV lamp.

Next, apply a second layer of Base Coat, and cure. Then sprinkle glitter over your nail, or alternatively dip your nail into the pot of glitter, to cover the whole nail or just the tip.

Once you’ve achieved your desired level of sparkle, apply a layer of Mylee's Clear Builder Gel to encapsulate the design and cure again under your lamp.

Countdown confetti at the ready!

2024 - New Year, New You, New Nails!

From velvety magnetic designs to fun confetti nails and decadent jewelled nail art, there are lots of ways to create stunning New Year’s-ready nails.

Using the Mylee range of gel polishes and nail art accessories, you can create your own unique look that’ll be sure to have you ringing in the New Year in style – without having to spend a sh*tload on a salon trip.

Get inspired and start creating. 

Happy New Year, folks!


What’s a good nail polish colour for New Year 2023?

Glitter polish is a great choice for New Year nails. The shimmery finish pops under fireworks and the sound of champagne.

What is the most popular nail design in 2023?

French manicures are a classic look that continues to remain popular, especially with the introduction of the micro-French mani - a minimal take on the classic look. You can easily update the design for NYE by adding some glitter polish for extra sparkle.

What is a good nail shape for New Year's 2023?

Almond nail shapes are a great option for New Year's nails as they’re super classy with a fresh, natural feel. If you’re looking for something a little different, coffin-shaped nails have proven to be a go-to choice for many this year too.

How do I create velvet nails?

Velvet nails are achieved using magnetic gel polishes that contain tiny particles which attract when a magnet is placed overhead. 

When you’ve applied your magnetic gel polish colour, hold the magnet above your nail to create a beautiful velvet effect. The key is to create a smooth-looking finish!

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