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Mylee Eyelash Growth Serum - Everything You Need To Know

Meet the newest member of the Mylee family…. The Mylee Eyelash Serum! 

We’re super excited to be launching a new eyelash serum to help you achieve gorgeous long and luscious natural lashes.

Easy to apply with a mascara wand, this clear serum can be applied to your lashes each morning and night to give you fuller and longer looking lashes in 8 to 12 weeks! 



What is a lash serum?

The Mylee Enhancing Eyelash Serum is a conditioning treatment for your lashes to help the hairs grow, giving you healthier and longer eyelash hairs. 

There is no need for fake lashes or eyelash extensions when using an eyelash serum, as it will give you visible results on your natural lashes. 

After 8 to 12 weeks use you’ll see visibly healthier and longer lashes. Continue to use twice daily to keep your lashes in tip top condition! 

Do eyelash serums work?

With regular daily application, the Mylee Enhancing Eyelash Serum works to stimulate lash growth while conditioning and moisturising the lash hairs.

Encouraging new lash hairs to grow, your natural lashes will look fuller and grow longer, giving you a gorgeous natural flutter. 


How to use eyelash growth serum?

The Mylee Eyelash Serum is super easy to use. With a white mascara wand you simply dip your wand into the tube to pick up the clear serum on your brush, and apply directly onto clean lashes, as you would a regular mascara. 

Make sure to coat your top and bottom lashes! 

For best results apply on clean bare lashes which are free from mascara or make up. 

This serum is a slow burner. You won’t see immediate results, and you need to be sure to apply twice daily. You should see the best results after 8 to 12 weeks! 

Can I use eyelash serum with extensions?

Whether you have lash extensions on, or have a LVL lash lift the Mylee Eyelash Serum is safe to use on the top of your natural lashes.

It’s also safe to use on lashes that have been tinted too.

What is in lash serum?

The Mylee serum is packed with ingredients to nourish and encourage growth of your lashes! 

Biotin and peptides increase the length of your lashes by improving the microcirculation and stimulating growth, making lashes appear longer, fuller and stronger. 

Laminaria extract is a mix of natural extracts that increases the density of the natural lashes.

Pelvetia canaliculata (algae) extract helps to hydrate the natural lashes and increases lash growth.

Apigenina is a plant extract which improves microcirculation, encouraging lashes to grow. 


What happens if you stop using eyelash serum?

Like all hair, your eyelashes grow in cycles before shedding and growing back. If you stop using an eyelash serum your lashes will keep growing in their usual cycle and when they shed they will grow back as normal.

Without daily application of serum your lashes won't be as stimulated to grow as long, healthy and full. 

Is eyelash serum safe?

Simply put yes! 

The Mylee Eyelash Serum has been formulated to be super nourishing to your natural lash hairs and if safe to use when applied onto the eyelash hairs. 

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