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Love Island Star Siannise Fudge starts her gel nail journey with Mylee


Known for her appearance as the runner up on 2020's Love Island where she met her now partner Luke Trotman. Siannise has always loved getting her nails done. 

Over lockdown she first started experimenting with doing her own nails and now wants to upgrade to the at-home salon gel nail experience. Partnering with us here at Mylee, the beauty industry’s best kept secret, we caught up with Siannise to find out more.



Why were you so keen to work with Mylee?

“I was so keen to work with Mylee because I absolutely love getting my nails done. If I’m going to have a pamper day all I think to myself is ‘right I must go get my nails done.’ I love experimenting with the different colours and designs, and it’s amazing that I’m able to do this from my home.”

When did you start experimenting with doing your nails?

“So I started doing my own nails in lockdown. You know, I could not walk around with no nail art on or no colour. So I did just try and just push myself out of my comfort zone in lockdown. And I just love it because it’s making me more creative. You know, experimenting with different things like that.”

How did you hear about Mylee?
“I first heard about Mylee just on social media. I’d seen people using the products. Obviously, because it is an at-home nail kit I saw a lot of people doing them in lockdown. What caught my eye was the colours. Absolutely love the colours. I feel like they really appeal to me and they are colours that I would absolutely wear day-to-day.”

You’ve just done your nails for the first time, how did it go?

“Oh my gosh guys I absolutely love it. I’m obsessed. I feel like this is going to be my new hobby. It’s turned out amazing. At the beginning, I thought ‘oh no,’ it’s going to be a complete mess. It’s probably going to be all over my fingers, I’m going to be stressing out. But, I really really enjoyed it, and it’s definitely something I’m going to pursue.”

What do you want to gain from this partnership with Mylee?

“Just to bring me more out of my comfort zone and to encourage me to be more creative and to experiment with more colours. Especially because I usually stick to the nudes. Every now and then I will do a pop of neon yellow or green. But, I think it’s going to allow me to be creative and think ‘right no, I’m going to go for something different today,’ and I know I’m absolutely going to love it.”

What’s your favourite Mylee product so far?

“So far my favourite Mylee product, it’s got to be Margarita nail polish. Absolutely love this colour. It is one of my favourite colours, I have it on now. I used it for the first time. Love the lamp too. I feel like this one is very professional. It’s exactly what I imagined it was going to be. I feel like I do have a little salon set up at my home. And also, it’s just having all the kit provided. I’ve got everything that I could possibly need, and it makes the job so much easier. “

Any top colour picks other than Margarita?
“I love the ‘Say It In French’ because it is that classic nude that you can not go wrong with. I love the ‘Lemonade’ colour, and I also really love ‘Cozy Nights.’ And of course the Builder Gel in Peach. Which is what I’ve got on now. It just gives that natural look to the nails which I really like.”

Why do you prefer gel polish to acrylic nails?

“I much prefer gel polish compared to the acrylic nails or normal nail polish, just because I feel like it just gives a more natural and nicer finish, and I also feel like it makes your nails a lot more stronger. It doesn’t chip easily which I love. Overall I just think it’s more of a premium style nail varnish.”

What are your favourite nail trends at the moment?

“So my favourite nail trends at the moment is negative space. Really love what I did today, so this is the half french tip. I also really love the tortoiseshell as well. That is something I’m definitely going to try once I’m a bit more experienced. Yeah, just like the colourful tips, more bright colours. But now we’re obviously going into Autumn, I’m excited to try different colours with that too.”

Any celebrity nails that you love?

“So a celebrity that I always look at their nails for inspo has to be Kylie Jenner. She just knows the trends, the colours. She’s very creative as well which I love. She’s definitely my go-to!”

Would you recommend Mylee?

“I would definitely recommend Mylee to my friends, my followers, my family. Just because you’ve got so much to choose from, in terms of nail colours. You’ve got all the kit that is provided to you, which makes it super easy for you to do it at home. It’s just really professional which I really love. The lamp, as well! Honestly, it’s just amazing!”

To keep up to date with how Siannise is getting on with her Gel Nail journey follow Mylee and Siannise on Instagram at @myleebeautyofficial and @siannisefudge

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