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How To Make Your Eyebrow And Lash Tint Last Longer!

Big, beautifully defined brows are both fashionable and flattering. So what’s the best way to achieve bold brows worthy of Cara Deleveign?

We’re big fans of tinting – it’s way less effort than daily filling and significantly cheaper than microblading.

Tinting is also easier than you might think. You can even do it at home thanks to the mylee Brow and Lash Tint Kit, which includes everything you need to beautify your brows in no time at all.

The same tint can also be applied to your lashes, giving them a darker, fuller look and essentially creating the illusion of mascara.

It’s a simple application that saves you the hassle of swiping on mascara every day. One less thing to worry about in the morning?

Count us in.

brown eyebrow and lash tint kit

The beauty of tinting is that it’s semi-permanent, meaning you can achieve a long-lasting look that won’t require much maintenance.

Tinting fades slowly and almost imperceptibly over time – we generally expect our tint to last for six weeks - but various factors can cause tints to fade more quickly.

To some extent a tint’s longevity depends on your hair. Dye doesn’t tend to hold as well on thin or oily hair, so those of you with naturally coarse hair can expect a longer lasting tint.

But don’t despair if your tint tends to fade more quickly than you’d like, there are measures you can take to maximise the lifespan of your brow and lash tint.

After you’ve tinted your eyebrows wait for 24 hours before washing your face. This will give the dye time to settle into the hairs.

2 in 1 lash and brow tint kit

Wait before washing  

After you’ve tinted your eyebrows wait for 24 hours before washing your face. This will give the dye time to settle into the hairs.

Go easy on the makeup remover

Try to avoid using makeup remover around your brows. If you do, opt for a gentle, alcohol-free product.

Condition your brows 

Eyebrow conditioner can encourage brow growth. There are various brow boosting conditioners on the market, but castor or coconut oil also work a treat.

Don't over groom your brows 

We know it can be hard to resist a quick spoolie touch up but try not to overdo it – excessive combing can lift the tint and cause hairs to fall out more quickly!

Be aware of factors that cause your tint to fade more easily. 

Exposure to the sun and chlorine can shorten the wear of your tint. Which isn’t to say you should avoid the sun and swimming – we’re not total killjoys!



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