DIY Nails - The Dos & Don'ts

Salon perfect nails, straight from your sofa. Here’s how to nail it, every time!

Compared to your average nail polish job, gel nails stay put for longer. Fact! We’re talking THREE weeks in many cases.

Yep, you heard correctly! High-shine and chip-free nails for nearly ONE MONTH – surely that’s every mani+pedi-lovers’ dream, right?

However, salon gel nail treatments are pricey (plus you pay extra for the removal of previous gel polishes) so being finger - and feet pretty - doesn’t come cheap.


What if chip-free, polished nails for longer didn’t have to mean breaking the bank?  With a Mylee DIY gel nail kit, salon-results can now be achieved straight from your sofa, not just saving you money but also minus the hassle of booking an appointment.

So. Are you sitting comfortably? Here’s some important do's & don’ts to get that all important, professional finish…


…go to the loo first!

Just ‘cause you’re at home, don’t slack! As you would if you were sat in a nail salon, make sure you use the toilet beforehand because you just KNOW that the law of sod means that midway through your DIY gel nail mani or pedi, you’ll be busting to go! Always. The. Way. Right?


…use hand cream

So, you’ve washed your hands, which are now squeaky clean but irritatingly dry. Automatically, you reach out for some hand cream… STOP! The oil in any moisturiser acts as a barrier, coating your nail bed with an invisible film, which will only result in a streaky and uneven finish.


…use lint-free wipes

OK. So even if you mistakenly moisturized, main thing is that your nail bed is entirely free from old polish, is oil-free and dry. Use lint-free wipes (cotton wool catches and can leave barely-there stray threads) soaked with nail prep or acetone. Wipe the entire nail bed, thoroughly.


…skip any steps

The secret to a salon-perfect gel polish at home is in allocating adequate time from start to finish. In between meal-prepping or waiting for the bath to run, isn’t ideal. Make sure you’re giving yourself enough time, so you’re not tempted to skip and hurry through any stages.


…prep your area

Organise your space prior. Get all your gel kit essentials laid out, so you’re not having to dive into a drawer midway to find a glass file or cuticle stick. As a rule, get it all out – including towels and something to mop up any mistakes or spills. Now, you’re all set and prepped like a pro.


…dive straight in with a base coat

To get an even coverage and flawless finish, it’s essential to shape and smooth the actual nail surface first. Begin by filing to the desired shape (glass files prevent splitting) then buff the nail bed lightly. Use a sanding block to smooth away ridges. Brush residue away before applying the base coat.


…pick colours carefully

Gel nails can last for up to three weeks, so work out what colour or design you’ll create so that it co-ordinates with whatever events, occasions or outfits you’ve got planned over the next month. Of course, it can all be removed, but it’ll just save you time, having to re-do them.



…ignore your cuticles

As well as filing and buffing nails smooth, a bit of gentle cuticle work prior will also make a difference to the finished result. Use a cuticle pusher to gently reshape along the cuticle curve. It’ll open out the nail bed space, creating the perfect area for the brush to glide seamlessly over.


…wipe away mistakes immediately

Clear up as you go because once gel polish is cured under the LED lamp, it’s way trickier to tidy. Have a wood, slant-edge stick dipped in acetone at the ready for excess, drips or smudges. If using cotton buds, ensure the tip is soaked to avoid stray strands mucking up your handiwork.


…apply thick layers

You’ll achieve a pro finish if you apply 2-3 thin layers rather than one thick layer of gel polish. Thick layers always result in peeling after just a couple of days. Don’t forget to also run the brush horizontally along the nail tip too. This creates a ‘seal’ to prevent chips, making your gel colour last longer.


Remember, the sky is the limit as long as you have the inclination and of course, the right tools. Be sure to give us a follow on social as well as we love hearing your thoughts and seeing your incredible creations, tag us with #myleemylook

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