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Bare Elements: The Most Inclusive ‘Nude’ Gel Nail Polish Range EVER!

We're introducing a whole spectrum of new ‘nude’ gel nail polish shades that encompasses all skin tones, and it's the biggest and most-inclusive range AROUND.

We know there's no one-shade fits-all when it comes to ‘nude’ nail colours. That's why we've carefully curated and formulated 20 new nude shades that everyone can identify with

When you combine this with the 20 existing nude polishes we already have, that’s a whopping 40 nude nail shades – making our full collection the most inclusive ever.

The Bare Elements range embraces all skin tones, providing a spectrum of diverse shades to suit everyone, so you can find the perfect match or flattering boost for your own skin tone.

The Bare Elements collection includes 20 stunning single nude gel polish shades, ranging from the lightest pinks, peaches, and browns through to deeper mocha and chocolate hues. Each shade is curated with our salon-quality and long-lasting formula, meaning you'll get the perfect finish every single time.

But don't just take our word for it! We've listed our new shades below so you can get a taste of what's in the range.

What's Included in the New Bare Elements Nude Polish Collection?

The Bare Elements collection includes 20 new single ‘nude’ gel polish shades, ranging from lighter pinks and peaches to warm browns and deeper chocolate hues. Each shade is curated with our salon-quality, long-lasting formula, meaning you'll get the perfect finish every single time.

The Lightest Nude Shades

The lightest shades in our collection include: Expose, Laundry Day, Centrefold, Nature Retreat, Birth of Venus and Tickled Pink. These shades include peachy, creamy and pink shades that are perfect for complimenting lighter skin tones or elevating darker complexions.

The Mid-toned Nude Shades

Our mid-tone shades include: Rooftop Sunbathe, In The Buff, Skinny Dipping, Clothing Optional, Get It On, Life Drawing, Naturally Darling and Ohh La La. These shades combine slightly darker pink tones for adding definition and contrast to all skin tones.

The Darkest Nude Shades

Finally, we have the darkest shades in the collection: Without A Stitch, Strip Polka, Nudist Beach, Disrobed, Never Fully Dressed and Mother Nature. The spectrum of these shades ranges from dark pink tones to caramels and deep brown hues. They're perfect for complimenting darker complexions or adding depth to lighter skin tones.

What About the Existing 20 Nude Polish Shades?

As well as our new shades, we've also got an existing range of 20 nude gel nail polishes. These polishes have been around for a while and are a firm favourite with our Mylee family. When you combine these existing shades with our new additions, it makes the full Mylee Bare Elements collection the most inclusive nude range ever.

Our existing shades include everything from pastel pinks, like Pastel Chic, right through to browns and bronzes, like Earthy Vibe.

The range even includes a few sheer gel polishes for adding a subtle glow and flush of colour to the nail (we particularly love For Your Eyes Only).

Take me to the existing nude gel polish range! 

How Do I Choose the Best Nude Gel Polish for My Skin Tone?

In the past, finding your perfect nude nail colour match was a pretty difficult task with the extremely limited shade range of nudes available.

But with our full Bare Elements collection, it couldn't be simpler! Because our collection includes many different undertones and finishes, you no longer have to struggle to find the best one for your skin tone. You can match, elevate and contrast your nail looks perfectly.

Matching ‘Nude’ Polish to Your Skin Tone

Matching your ‘nude’ polish shade to your skin tone can add a natural, healthy glow to your nails and even make your nails appear longer. Nude shades also make the growth of your nails less obvious – the regrowth gap will be less noticeable since your polish shade closely matches your natural nail shade.

The best way to match your nude gel polish to your skin tone is to consider the pigment of your skin. Is it at the lighter or darker end of the spectrum or somewhere in between? 

First, identify your skin tone and then your undertone. Determine whether you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones by looking at the veins on your wrist; blue veins indicate cool undertones, whilst green veins mean warm – a mix of both suggests neutral.

Elevate Your Nails with Nude Polish

Our collection isn’t just about helping you to match your gel polish to your skin tone, but about enhancing your natural beauty.  

For a chic elevation, choosing a polish with yellow or peach tones can enhance your natural glow, whilst cool undertones will have a pink or blue tinge that can make your skin appear brighter and more radiant.

Contrasting Your Nude Polish to Add a Pop to Your Nails

Adding in a contrasting nude shade is a great way to add definition to your nails, especially when paired with your exact match and elevated shade. 

To subtly ‘contrast’, find a shade that matches your nail bed. Pinker or peachier colours can appear brighter or deeper against your actual skin tone. Alternatively, go for something at the opposite end of the spectrum for a fresh nail art base.

You Don't Have to Stick to the Rules!

At the end of the day, it's totally up to you which nude gel nail polish you choose from our collection. 

Whether you want to match your skin tone or just pick whichever you like the most, our whole range is completely wearable and looks great on everyone. Mix and match different shades, create nude nail designs – just have fun with it!

What Are You Waiting for? Find Your Perfect Match with Mylee's New Nude Gel Polish Collection!

We're so excited that we get to share this incredible new range of ‘nude’ gel nail polishes with you, and we're proud that our entire 40 polish collection is the most inclusive range EVER.

Discover your most perfect shade with the Mylee Bare Elements collection, and get ready to show off your perfectly-polished nails!


+ How Do I Match My Nail Colour to My Skin Tone?

Consider your complexion and the natural pigment of your skin, and the undertone. Determine whether you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones by looking at the veins on your wrist; blue veins indicate cool undertones, whilst green veins mean warm – a mix of both suggests neutral.

+ How Do I Use Nude Polish to Elevate My Nails?

To elevate your nail looks with nude polish, pick out shades that are slightly warmer or cooler than your natural nail colour and skin tone. You can also create contrast with much lighter and darker nude shades. Use a combination of your exact match, elevated and contrasted shades to create stunning nude designs that really compliment your nails and skin tone.

+ Does Nude Polish Make Your Nails Look Longer?

Yes, nude polish can give the illusion of longer nails and slimmer fingers. Pick a shade that closely matches your skin tone to get the most natural look. Different nail shapes can help you out here, too – oval and almond shapes are your best choice here.

+ How Many Nude Polishes Are in the Collection?

In total, there are 40 shades in our entire nude gel polish collection. We have 20 existing nude shades, and we have just released an additional 20, which makes this collection the most inclusive range of nude shades ever released. The collection includes a spectrum of light nudes, dark nudes and everything in between, so you can find the most perfect shade (or shades!) for your nails.

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