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10 Vegan Nail Polish Colours That Ooze Style (You NEED These!)

What's better than gel nail polish that gives you Insta-worthy nails without the need for a monthly trip to the salon? Vegan nail polish gives you just that, but without the use of animal-derived ingredients.

If you're new around here, you might not know that every gel nail polish in our Mylee collection is vegan, and we're super proud to be registered with PETA!.

You'll find our cruelty-free nail polish in a whole array of different colours and finishes. From striking, colourful hues to glistening glitter polishes to top coats that'll give your nails an extra glossy finish, our vegan nail polish collection will have your nails looking salon-perfect in no time!

With over 180 nail colours to choose from, deciding what to go for can be a little tricky! 
So, to help you narrow down your options, here are 10 of our favourite vegan nail polish colours to help inspire your next mani.

Watermelon Sugar

  • Brilliant neon pink
  • Perfect for a vibrant pop of colour
  • Chip resistant

The Harry Styles track provided the perfect inspiration for this summery colour! It's a vibrant fluorescent shade that builds to a deep pink – perfect for wearing in showing off at the beach.

You can wear it alone for bold and brave nails, or use it as part of a colourful nail design. Mixing it with other bright colours will create a summery ombre style that'll really make your mani stand out!

What's even better, the gel polish formula ensures that your manicure can last for up to three weeks when you cure it under a UV or LED lamp – who needs to worry about chips and re-dos? Not you!

Lilac U A Lot  

  • A summery pastel shade
  • Great for edgier manicures
  • Cures in under 120 seconds

As the name suggests, we lilac this shade a lot! This lightly-toned purple nail polish is ideal for a sheer summer look. And if you apply multiple layers, you can build the colour up to make your nails brighter and more vibrant.

The delicate undertones mean that the colour can work for you regardless of skin tone too. 

Light purple radiates a cool, chilled-out vibe that's perfect for summer. Whether you're headed off on a beach holiday or just lounging at home, this colour will have your nails looking fresh and stylish in no time!

You Had Me At Yellow


  • A neon, highlighter yellow
  • Perfect for summer vacations
  • Ideal for on-edge manicures

Yellow, is it me you're looking for? This vivid gel polish is the perfect option for your summer holiday mani! A bright shade that gives an edgy look – it’s one of our go-to shades when the sun's out!

But we even love this one for winter, too – the perfect way to keep the summer spirit alive all year long!

The lively gel colour pops on every skin tone, so you can have a bit of sunshine on even the cloudiest day.

As Red As It Gets


  • A deep scarlet red
  • Classy & sophisticated
  • The perfect going “out out” shade

Are you red-y for this shade? This deep and divine red gel polish is a classic red shade that you really can't go wrong with! This cruelty-free polish glides onto the nails for a smooth finish.

The warm brick red works with any outfit or skin tone to create a sophisticated mani.

We've got tons of red gel polish – from sassy scarlet and classic reds to red glitters and beyond – so whatever kind of look you're going for, we've got something to match!

Once In A Blue Moon

  • A frosty blue-but-lilac shade
  • A pop of colour that goes great on darker skin tone
  • Matches well with a glossy topcoat

Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they blue. There is a little controversy around this shade; some say it's blue, and some say it's lilac!

Either way, they all agree that the shade is stunning. It's one of our favourites for our winter nail ideas, bringing an icy touch to your nails.

Apply more than one coat for a bold and beautiful blue nail colour. And be sure to use a base coat before applying your gel polish, and finish off your mani with Mylee's Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil for a beautiful nail treatment.

Queen Of Hearts


  • A deep but rich red shade
  • Produces different effects on different skin tones
  • A great shade for the winter

You can't help but heart this shade! This deeper wine colour makes for an edgy manicure on those with a lighter skin tone. However, on darker skin tones, it looks sophisticated and chic.

The shade can, of course, be worn year-round, but it finds a home in the colder months where it will warm your heart.

Dark winter nails are one of our faves, and this wine red nail polish is the perfect match.

Guilty Pleasure

  • A beautiful light blue shade
  • Works year-round
  • A great base colour for nail art designs

This shade is definitely our guilty pleasure! The sapphire blue shade is happiness in nail polish form. A stunning light blue that works regardless of the weather.

It looks great when worn alone or as the base for your nail art efforts. Mix it up by applying nail foil to produce a unique design that’s sure to stand out! Or, pair it with a silver glitter gel polish for a shimmery mani.



  • An exceptionally bright yellow/green
  • A must-have for the festival season
  • Perfect for edgy looks

Is there anything more summery than a margarita? This shade walks the line between neon yellow and bright green.

The sharp shade is ideal for the festival season; your nails will match perfectly with the late-night summer vibes.

Equally, this shade looks amazing when paired with a darker shade on more complex nail art designs.

Tangerine Sorbet

  • An a-peeling shade of orange
  • Perfect for festivals or vacations
  • Pops on all skin tones

Orange you glad this shade is vegan? The bright and brilliant orange gel polish is another of our festival season favourites. It would also be totally at home on a sunny beach too.

This shade pops on any skin tone and works with any outfit to pack a punch. You won't go back once you’ve added a bit of orange to your get-up!

Twist And Shine


  • A subtle sunshine yellow
  • Ideal for the warmer months
  • Perfect for creating a subtle manicure

This shade is one of the most muted gel polish shades on the list. It is excellent for those that prefer a more subtle look. The shade does pop more on darker skin tones, but it also looks great on lighter skin tones.

The pale yellow colour is much more at home in the spring and summer months. It’s almost a nude; however, if you are looking for nudes, we have a full send nudes collection.

Final Thoughts: You NEED To Add These Vegan Nail Polish Colours To Your Collection!

From neon gel polish to more subdued nude gel polish to silver shimmer, our range of gel nail polish colours is truly amazing! Every nail enthusiast should have a whole range of polishes that let them create whatever look they want, whenever they want! And with over 180 nail polish colours, Mylee is your go-to for all your nail needs.

As if our gel polishes weren't beautiful enough, they're completely vegan and cruelty-free, too. So you can get guilt-free nails that will pop and burst with personality.

What are you waiting for? Shimmy over to the Mylee website now and add these vegan nail polish colours to your collection! You won't regret it.

You can shop our entire range of vegan nail polish here!


+ Are Vegan Gel Nail Polishes The Same Quality As Regular Nail Polish?

Although vegan nail polishes are free from animal-derived ingredients, they still offer the same great quality as other regular nail polishes.

We're proud to say that all of our Mylee nail gel polishes are vegan and cruelty-free. In fact, we’re even registered with PETA!

+ Are Vegan Gel Nail Polish Colours Still Vibrant?

Yes! A vegan gel nail polish certainly does not compromise on colour. Our vegan gel nail polish range is packed full of vibrant colours. Take a look at our vibrant shade, The Missing Pink, if you don't believe us.

+ Do Your Vegan Gel Nail Polishes Use Natural Ingredients?

We use a range of ingredients to create our fabulous vegan gel nail polish range. Please visit the product page of the nail polish you wish to purchase to find the full list of ingredients.

+ Does Vegan Nail Polish Dry Faster?

Regardless of whether a gel nail polish is vegan or not, the drying time will depend on the brand of nail polish you use. Regular polish will air dry, whereas gel polish needs to be cured. Our range of MyGel nail polishes cures in 120 seconds under our UV lamp or in 30-60 seconds with a LED lamp.

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