Autumn Nail Trends You Don't Want To Miss!


It’s that time of year again! Time to put away the bright neons and colourful pastel nail polish shades we adored throughout the summer, and pull out our fave autumnal colours. As the weather starts to turn, we pull out our autumn wardrobes, lace up those chunky boots, start carving those pumpkins, and of course we need nails to match! 


Your nails are a blank canvas, ready to paint, express yourself and show off your style! They’ll also look super cute in your Instagram pics clutching that pumpkin spice latte! 


Do you want the most on trend nails for Autumn 2021? Then keep reading as Mylee has you covered! 


Although you can never go wrong with a nude or classic red manicure, switch things up this autumn and try out some of these nail art ideas!

  1. Swirls! 


They’ve been trending all summer and the swirls are here to stay! Why not mix it up with some neutral or earthy toned swirls for a cute autumnal look? 


There are so many swirly designs to choose from. Thin wiggles across your nail bed, or fewer and thicker swirls, there is something for everyone. With no harsh lines or angles this fluid design is super soft and gentle. Make them look extra cozy with a matte top coat! 



  1. Coloured French Tips!


French Tips are an absolute classic! But why not switch up this timeless look for Autumn, and instead of those classic white tips to your nails, try it out with some darker shades? 


Whatever your nail shape there is a french tip design to suit. A long elongated almond nail with a french tip looks just as stunning as a short square nail with a thin coloured tip. And why stop at one colour? You could go wild and do a gradient or patterned french tip too! 



  1. Negative Space! 


Bare nails are boring, but why not mix things up and leave a peak of your natural nails underneath your nail art design? 


 There is nothing negative about leaving a slither of your natural nail in your design. Perfect in a swirl design, or a little oval of bare nail at the base of your mani! There are so many options! 



  1. Torties!


Of course we couldn’t share our favourite autumnal nail trends without including a tortoiseshell manicure. An absolute staple for this time of year and the perfect autumnal manicure! 


Including all our favourite autumnal tones of warm caramel browns and deep oranges, layered with darkers splodges, it’s an amazing look on any length or shaped nails! 

  1. Matte Nudes


In the summer we were all for the sleekest, shiniest nails we could get. Now it’s getting colder, and there’s not so much sun to shine down on us, we are ALL for nude colours with a matte finish. 


Less glossy and shiny, the matte finish gives your nails a more understated suede or velvety finish. The perfect accompaniment to your autumn wardrobe! 



  1. Paint Strokes 


Your nails are a canvas, so why not paint them as such! By wiping off some of the polish off your brush you can drag the brush across your nails to create a cool brush stroke effect! 


You can drag your brush in any direction for endless looks. We love this look with a nude base and an autumnal grey, brown or navy tone brushed over top! 


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